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Budget Cuts and World Tours

Posted by JAW


Okay, it was announced that the Obama administration would cut 100 million dollars from the proposed budget.

Sounds like a lot of money, doesn't it?

In normal times, with sane people running the budget and White House, that would actually be a great deal of money. It is a lot of money, but not when you put it up next to the actual budget. Most people will fail to see the transparency of this move by Obama--and the fact that this cut is really just a chance to look like he is doing the people's bidding to the media.

Well, it comes out today that not only is the 100 million dollar budget cut not really a cut at all, in truth this money has been designated for re appropriation to other programs. They aren't cutting anything at all--they are just moving it to other things and hoping you, the public, will not notice. It's the perfect scenario for Obama; you get to keep the money and you get a photo op that shows you in favorable light.

Don't be fooled by this cut--and even if they decided to actually apply these cuts to the budget, it is such a minuscule amount compared to the entire budget that it's actually inconsequential. It would be like cutting your grocery budget by putting back a single grape, buying the things you normally buy, and being proud of your thriftiness.

It's ridiculous, and it's treasonous.

Here is my idea---

How about you fire the full-time make up technician that Michelle Obama has added to the White House staff. And by the way, she is the first First Lady to retain somebody for doing her makeup on a full time basis.

Between that salary, cutting down on the face putty and benzyl peroxide, and forcing her to buy her beauty products at the drug store like all other women in the country, you may just pocket a little bit more then your targeted cuts would provide.

Oh---you could also stop importing $100 a pound, boutique beef to serve at every White House function. Does being the president allow you to simply throw away money needlessly while chastising the rest of the population for spending??

You need to get your head out of the sand, and start walking your talk. Your words are even beginning to ring hollow to many of the very media responsible for getting you elected. Cracks in the facade are widening, and as with everything else, the true self shines through.

With you, Mr. President, the true self is a radical, spineless, crybaby who is incapable of leading this country.

The true self shines through--ugly or not.

Ask Christopher Dodd how that's working out for him right about now.

Your time is coming, Obama, and the curtain is starting to fall.

More later of the World Apology Tour---wait until you see this!


A Threat and a Subversive

Posted by JAW

This is a great day---a banner day in fact.

Today, I have been labeled a threat to national security by a newly released document from our own Department of Homeland Security.

I'm a threat, and chances are so are you.

If you are a veteran, you are a threat.
If you have religious beliefs, you are a threat.
If you are pro-life, you are a threat.
If you attended or supported the recent Tea Parties, you are a threat.
If you are against illegal immigration, you are now a threat.

Do you believe any of those things? If you do, our new president and his department deem you to be a potential security risk, and a source of uprising and violence.

So, I've worked nearly my entire life, paid my taxes, purchased homes, raised children, and participated in the democratic process, and now I'm considered a threat to this country?? It's not the terrorist from foreign countries Homeland Security is worried about--not the Muslim radicals that would just as soon murder your children as look at them--those are not the threats our current administration is worried about--it me, and it's probably you.

It couldn't be the Muslim extremists--they were so nice and cuddly that Obama felt compelled to close down the prison holding them. You know, the ones who have actively planned and participated in terrorist activities against this country?? You are a greater threat then those guys.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, and president Obama, even your police force--which is made up mostly of veterans---is now a security risk according to the left wing.


The fact is that we are now experiencing the truth that president Obama is the most racial and bigoted president to ever hold office. Not only is he profiling and targeting citizens based on race, he has decided to take this one step further and now debase citizens on their beliefs and former services to this country.

They are watching you even though you haven't committed a crime---they are looking for trouble, trying to find it while ignoring the fact our president has associated frequently with known terrorists throughout his life and political career.

But it's you and me--we are the threat.

It's not Obama---even though he has now added over a trillion dollars in national debt in less then 100 days. It's not Obama, even though he has released the people responsible for acts such as the attacks on 9/11. It's not Obama, who went to the middle east and made a great showing of apologizing to radical leaders for past actions of the United States.

He's not the threat---he couldn't be.

Obama, a terrorist?? Bit your tongue.

No, it's you and it's me. We are the problem with this country. We are the treat to the constitution, and to the memory of every person who made the greatest sacrifice to ensure that document was protected and lived on . . .

We are the treat.

Obama, you are the terrorist--and everyday, as your true thoughts are revealed through incompetent and immoral policies, it is becoming crystal clear that you are actually a racist, governing this country from a position of hatred, and that you are creating the divisions you railed against so passionately during your campaign. You are the liar, the thief, and the danger to everything great about this country and it's position in the world heading toward the future.

Look again, Obama. It's not us--not me---it's the face looking back at you in the mirror.

I'm the threat??

Go to hell.


Choose Your Sword---

Posted by JAW

Good Morning--

I've got a couple questions for you today. Nothing too brain twisting, but they will require you to examine your beliefs and values.

In the past year, I've become a firm believer in self-evaluation, and delving into the belief systems which control your action and responses to all stimuli. I've become a firm believer in the fact that you have inside you everything you need in this life--to make the best decisions for your personal well-being, survival, and so that you may thrive within your own given environment.

We find these truths to be self-evident . . .

I believe the journey of self-discovery and actualization are the greatest journey any person can ever take, this blog is not big enough to delve into all the different aspects of this topic--but I will be touching on the issues related to the relevant news of the day, and how your beliefs--both past and present--are working to shape this countries future, and your own as well.

My first question for you is this---

Are you a Republican or a Democrat? On which side does your political affiliation lie?

There--that was easy, wasn't it? The answer probably just popped right into your head.

I'm a _______________. You didn't have to think about it, did you?

That party affiliation, for whichever side you choose, has been born from many influences, and like many other aspects of your beliefs you probably didn't actively make a choice for yourself or based upon your own thoughts of how a government should be run. Your decision most likely came from the people of influence in your life--the people who's opinions have shaped many of your current beliefs--even your personality.

You did not make this choice for yourself--not in most cases.

If you have, great--you took the responsibility of exercising your free-will to form your own opinion. You are on the right path.

Now--for question number two.


Why are you a Republican or a Democrat?

Does the party of your choosing really follow the beliefs you hold about government, the Constitution, and The United States of America?? Does your party hold to the ethical and moral standards you would expect from those in leadership positions? Does your party continue to pursue an agenda of policies that enhance your life, enable your ability to pursue the things you deem worthy, or promote the environment you would like to pass on to the next generations?

Does your party make you proud to be an American?

How about this? Here is a question that not many people ask.

Why do you have to choose only between these two?

Is it written anywhere in the Constitution that a person must either choose to be a Republican or a Democrat?

It's not. In fact, neither the Republican or Democratic party are mentioned anywhere in the Constitution---not once.

So, why is it that you are expected to choose between the two--to take sides? Why are you forced to adopt the belief systems and party lines of one of these parties---and are they really even different parties any longer?

To me, it seems that there is no discernible difference between the two--only syntax and perspective.

Do either the Republicans or Democrats have your best interests at heart?

This is our country---is it not? So why is there such a feeling of entitlement emanating from these two separate but co joined parties?

Do you have the strength within yourself to examine your own beliefs and values, and decide that you no longer wish to push forth political agendas you don't believe in? Are you going to continue to vote into power the very people who are so bent on eliminating your personal liberties and demanding more of your hard earned money?

Ask yourself all of these questions---then, ask yourself one more time;

Am I a Republican or a Democrat?

What popped into your head now??

More later on this . . .


Hey All---

Today I'm mad.

Not just mad, I'm outraged.

Not just outraged, I am furious.

What the hell is our president (cough, cough) doing in the middle east, and with leaders of Islamic countries during his trip overseas?

Is he, Obama--the anointed one, actually apologizing for the United States of America???

Did he actually say--and yes, he did--that Islamic beliefs helped shape this country??

Where did he get that one?? Can any of you name one single Islamic contribution to the founding or shaping of the United States of America?? Did I miss all the people of middle eastern descent who were there at Plymouth Rock, and shared the first Thanksgiving with the Indians--Native Americans, not Islamics??

When the Declaration of Independence was penned and ratified, just how many Islamics raised a hand in acceptance of that sacred document? How many of the Islamic faithful helped draft the Constitution, or contributed a single word to it's crafting?

Did I miss something--were the history books lying to me? Was Philadelphia really the western version of New Delhi? Maybe I'm just confused--or maybe the president doesn't know what he is speaking of--what do you think?

Who does this guy think he is?? Where does he think he gets the right to go overseas and apologize to anybody for anything?

Instead--here's an idea, sir, why don't you spend your time in a more useful pursuit of writing letters to our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, explaining to them how you have just mortgaged their future and sold them into a slavery from which they will never see the light of day.

Why don't you apologize to them?

Why don't you apologize to the American public you lied to, and have been lying to since the moment you took office?

Why don't you apologize to the AIG executives, and their wives and children, for hanging them out to dry, sacrificing them in the media, and allowing Acorn to run bus tours of their homes while those people were being bombarded by death threats---all because of your lies.

Why don't you apologize to all the people you led to believe were going to be receiving some big check as a result of the stimulus package--y'know, all those people who voted for you?? Instead, why don't you now apologize to them for the crushing, debilitating taxes you are about to drop on their heads?

Obama--you actually have the nerve to apologize to the world for this country.

Well, I would like to offer an apology to the rest of the world myself:

I'm sorry, world, that we have elected a complete, incompetent, moron for our president. I'm sorry, world, that our general public believed the lies of one candidate--and that our media has failed the general public on every front, especially truth. I'm sorry, world, that the problems we are facing now are only going to get worse because our leader, and his posse of radicals, believe that common sense, decency, morality, ethics, and facts are merely potholes--a nuisance to be casually brushed aside.

And, I would like to apologize to my children and my grandchildren. I'm sorry that my generation was so short-sighted and stupid, and that our mistakes are going to affect you so deeply for the duration of your life.

How dare you, mr. president, apologize to anybody for this country and it's citizens.

How dare you.

Obama . . . how about apologizing to the people you are really hurting??

And the ones, not even born yet, that you are going to harm??


AIG, Dodd and Barney, and King Obama

Posted by JAW


Today, I want to explore the whole AIG disaster--and the attempt by the president and his administration to cover their own ass in the affair.

Really, the whole issue here really turns my stomach, and it's the picture perfect example of why our government is completely ineffective and run by self-serving hypocrites.

Outrage swept over the country a few weeks ago. It started when the media began reporting of large bonus checks paid to AIG executives even while the company had just received it's third stimulus check from the government.
People were beside themselves, and our trusty politicians were quick to react in their normal fashion by feigning outrage, making promises of redemption, and threatening to enact more worthless laws bent on appeasing the disgruntled constituents, and making sure they weren't damaged from any future elections.

What the mainstream media failed to report--and it's just one on a growing list of convenient omissions to cast Obama in as favorable light as possible--was that not only had Congress been responsible for putting the language in the stimulus agreement with AIG to assure these bonuses were paid out according to their contractual obligation, but that congress had voted to pass the stimulus with the buy outs full known---and the president had signed the bill while fully aware of the bonuses.

My television was filled with the bravado of Congressmen and Senators denouncing the bonus payouts. The president claimed he had no knowledge of the buyouts, and the secretary of the treasury--who, by the way, cheated on his taxes and couldn't work TurboTax--claimed he was not aware of the bonuses either until March 10th.

We've got Senators and Congressmen lying to us. We've got the Secretary of the Treasury lying to us--and not for the first time. I'm not sure that Timothy Guetner would know the truth if it bite him on the nose.

And worse yet---President Obama flat out lied to the everyone on national television.

Let's look at the contract between AIG and Obama's administration.

The contract was written by Christopher Dodd, a democrat who is currently being called The Lying Weasel Chris Dodd by a large newspaper in his home state of Connecticut. Mr. Dodd--the lying weasel, was the person who directly wrote the bonuses into the AIG contract.

Check this out--

When questioned about the bonuses and the contract after this whole thing blew up, Chris Dodd said he had no knowledge of the bonuses or how they got into the contract.

He wrote it!

Two days after those comments, to little media scrutiny, Mr. Dodd finally came clean and confessed he did indeed write the bonuses in. Think it was covered by NBC, CBS, or CNN?

Here are some interesting facts about the connection between Mr. Dodd and AIG:

--AIG was the largest contributor to Mr. Dodd's campaign for reelection.

--Mr. Dodd's wife is on the AIG payroll---in the Bahama branch.
The Bahama branch?? Think about that one for a minute.

--AIG also contributed a large amount of money to Obama's campaign---go figure.

The truth is Chris Dodd should be drummed out of office and brought up on civil charges for his blatant lies to the public. And while he faces an uphill battle for reelection in Connecticut at this point, the fact that an elected official has lied so often, and taken money from AIG, only to turn around and throw them on the fire to save his own political career--he should be behind bars.

This is the first section---more on AIG, Chris "The lying weasel" Dodd, and our King Obama coming in the next few days.

Really look at this issue for a moment.

Put aside the amounts of the bonuses---those payouts are not really what the general public was led to believe, and we'll get into that more as well--and look at how all the elected officials of our government have acted during this crisis.

I hope you can see the problems here---morally, ethically, and compromising to public trust.

Stay Tuned---you're going to want to hear the rest of this one . . . .


Tea Party and 9/12

Posted by JAW

Great ideas come along.

This country was built upon the freedom to have a great idea, pursue it, and transform that idea into a tangible reality. Everything that has been developed, invented, created, and adopted has sprung from one thing---an idea.

Glenn Beck introduced the 9/12 Project, and has been the promoter of Tea Party's for the intention of bringing like-minded people together. His website pertaining to this project promotes his ideas, beliefs, and values--the same ones the Founding Fathers used when they fought for independence against Mother England, and the values are true and sound. He has built this ideas around the concept of truth in government, and belief in community, and his beliefs are true and sound.

He has lit a match.

Maybe not the match--but a match none the less. And that flame burns both sound and true.

I admire the man. He has maintained a non-partisan stance, and stood by these values against members of both the Republican and Democrat parties, and he has been stout and firm in his position that neither party is doing right by the American public.

He is a creator, and I hope the 9/12 Project is successful and lasting. Lasting is the key word. While I believe in the message, and I hold the same values and beliefs as true and correct, I can't help but think that this project is doomed to failure in the future.

I don't want that--in fact, I wish the opposite. I would like to see it flourish, to grow, and to create a groundswell sweeping across our country to bring about the conditions of change--the right change--that so many of us have been looking for in our government.

Everything is there, the movement has begun and the ideas and values are sound and true--yet this feeling that this movement is doomed to fail weighs greatly upon me, and it can be traced to the one crucial element this movement truly lacks and cannot be successful and effective without.

A leader.

The most crucial element that a movement of this sort needs is a true leader of men. A person who can raise others up, who can influence others to take action, who can maintain the direction and focus over the long run.

Mr. Beck doesn't want to be a leader--and that is fine. He lit the match, he brought an idea into existance in the real world, and the idea is sound and true. Yet, Mr. Beck will not be leading this movement. He has done his part, and while others look to him to step up more, to become something more, the reality is he is an entertainer and his most affective platform for change is in the media. He is a watchdog, and he is a voice in the darkness, but he is not the man to carry this movement into the future with the hopes that it can create influence in our Capital.

There are so few voices of truth left, and people need to stop looking for Mr. Beck to lead them and let him do what he is best at--voicing the peoples concerns, searching for truth in our elected officials, questioning the policies and issues facing this country from a place of non-partisanship. Do not look to him for more, he has done his part and will continue to fill his role.

So who will lead?

Is there a person, man or woman, out there with the strength to pull all of this together and point it in the right direction? Is there a person out there willing to face the unrelenting scrutiny, and it would be more ugly then you can imagine, sure to come from the general media. Is there a person out there strong enough to face the ridicule, and the anger, and the slander, and the peril to family and friends, and lean into the driving rain of opposition which will surly blow as hard as any hurrican on record?

Is that person, that leader of truth and light, out there somewhere?

I hope so, because unless that person steps up then I fear the movement is doomed to fizzle out over time. It's human nature. Anger, angst, and discontent can only burn brightly and motivate for so long before the fuel is depleted. I fear that as the movement flounders while our current leaders continue to push us down a path of destruction and socialism, that the feelings of helplessness will settle over people tied and true to the values and beliefs set forth by Mr. Beck. When you voice isn't heard, even though you are screaming from the rooftops, how long will you continue to bellow before your voice gives way? How long can you continue on?

Without that leader, it will not be for long.

The values and ideas are true and sound, and the only thing that can save them from the tentacles of complacency and lack of focus is a leader--a true leader.

More to come . . . .


The G20--One World

Posted by JAW

Our president is in Europe right now meeting with the leading financial countries--19 others--that control the majority of the world's economy and wealth.

Early reports are talking about riots in the financial district of England, where the financial "crisis" is worse then in the States.

Our president--notice the lower case letters in the term president--is there to further an agenda of increased spending and stimulus plans in the other countries that make up the G20. Do you think that maybe those countries should make up there own minds about the best course of action for their own country? Or does a life-long community organizer, with no real world experience in the business or financial world, know what is best for the rest of the world as well?

The other disturbing item coming out of the G20 is the fact this meeting is for the purpose of creating the basic framework to convert to a world currency. Now, this should scare you to death. Our president, who has continued to talk of saving and investing yet once again has lied, and in fact set about on a road that has found him spending more in his first 100 days then every other president in our history--combined!

For those who don't understand, the spending bills already passed will, by the most conservative and rosy estimates, triple the national debt in the next 5 years. Scary, scary stuff.

One of the questions I have, among many, is why all the sudden has this president and his administration decided that Europe is the model for how government should run? Europe is an absolute mess. Europe is jealous of the United States. Europe is struggling, on a country by country basis, through a worse financial crisis then America has seen in decades.

Why is Europe so great to Obama?

I'm getting tired of the outright lies and misdirections coming from Obama, Guetner, Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, and the rest of these morons. I can smell the stench of corruption from over 400 miles away from the capital, and it curls my toes.

The lies, and you will be shocked by the scope and blatancy coming out of the mouths of our highest ranking officials, are beginning to find their way to the public. We will look at these one by one over the course of the next month, and my hope is that you will be outraged enough to stand up and once again demand the change in our government you asked for during the last election--but didn't get.

It's our time to take back what is ours. It's the Peoples time to stand up once again against tyranny and oppression. It's our time to reclaim this country as a land of freedom for all, and once again take our rightful place as a beacon for the rest of the world.

It's time for common sense.

Obama, and his entire cabinet, seem to be sore lacking in this quality.


The Perfect Storm

Posted by JAW

Hello Everybody--

This blog, and all the contents, are under development and will be updated regularly as we move forward into the future. I would have liked to be all set to go, to have everything up and running the way I would like, but current events in our country have dictated that I should begin to move forward even though everything is not completed.

To use an old saying, "ready, fire, aim".

I have begun this blog out of my complete frustration with the current politics, and the maddening antics, we are seeing everyday coming from Washington. The current administration is a total train wreck, and the direction they are moving this country--without regard for the laws or the tenants set forth in our Constitution--should be a cause of concern for every American who values the pillars upon which this country was founded and has flourished.

Your current party affiliation doesn't matter--both the Democrats and Republicans are guilty of the same crimes against the citizens of this country--so wherever your allegiance has been in the past, it's now time to open your eyes and see the corruption emanating from them both.

The Mission:


Everyday, I'm consistently amazed our leaders in Washington continue to govern with a blatant disregard for the laws, and more importantly for the wishes of the citizens of our nation. A government by the people, for the people, and of the people--this is our country, not the Obama administrations, and it's time to let them know who is really in charge.

Our President, who seems unable to think clearly for himself without a teleprompter to spoon-feed him words, has pulled the wool over our eyes with his slick tongue and commanding speeches. I will give him credit, he is a talented public orator. As he stands upon the dais, expounding defiance and deflecting blame, it's almost possible not to see him speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

The problem is, while speeches are great and inspiring, when the words are hollow or plain lies, eventually the public will catch on to the game.

And for Obama, it's all a game.

It's a game of power and ego. The media has raised him up to such a lofty status it would be hard for any person not to feel some god-like status. Obama has relished this role, and he has taken advantage of every opportunity to make sure you, the public, knows that he is chosen, he can do no wrong, and he knows better then you exactly what you need in your life.

Change, Change, and more Change.

That was the promise, and he is delivering in spades. Little did we know on that dreadful day in November, that those changes were about to catapult our financial systems and way of life into oblivion. Little did we know, or was it that we choose not to believe, that Obama was true to his past history of radical, far left-wing ideas and policies. Little did we understand that there was no moderation, or compassion, in his aims and goals for shaping the future of our nation. And little did we know that within his first 100 days he would send our children and grandchildren into bankruptcy before they were even born.

I'm not saying John McCain was a golden alternative--not by any means.

The point is that we were really given only two choices, and those choices were both completely unacceptable. Have we sunk politically to a point where these two men have become the most viable options to direct and command the greatest nation this world has ever known? Has our system collapsed to the point where we no longer will have the chance to raise up a great leader of vision, morals, and integrity? Are we stuck with a vipers den of such dense corruption that it's no longer possible to shine the light of truth into the vast darkness our current capital?

And where the hell is the media?

The media will be the subject of a future post--and it will be good.

We are currently stuck with this two party system--and neither party seems to understand common sense, it's citizen's wishes, or the decency to stand up for what is right over what will get them reelected. When lawyers represent the largest portion of Congressional populace, there are bound to be serious problems and deficiencies when it comes to legislating any sort of tangible, well-intentioned law.

Ross Perot tried, until he was drummed out and decided to pack his bags, abandon the party he created, and head off into the sunset. Who could blame him--after all, when you have both major parties bent on your destruction the personal ramifications can be more then one person can handle.

We need another party--this two party system has bred corruption and ineffective leadership on all fronts--and the inability of our current elected leaders to produce results is leading to the destruction of all the things upon which this country was founded.