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Choose Your Sword---

Posted by JAW

Good Morning--

I've got a couple questions for you today. Nothing too brain twisting, but they will require you to examine your beliefs and values.

In the past year, I've become a firm believer in self-evaluation, and delving into the belief systems which control your action and responses to all stimuli. I've become a firm believer in the fact that you have inside you everything you need in this life--to make the best decisions for your personal well-being, survival, and so that you may thrive within your own given environment.

We find these truths to be self-evident . . .

I believe the journey of self-discovery and actualization are the greatest journey any person can ever take, this blog is not big enough to delve into all the different aspects of this topic--but I will be touching on the issues related to the relevant news of the day, and how your beliefs--both past and present--are working to shape this countries future, and your own as well.

My first question for you is this---

Are you a Republican or a Democrat? On which side does your political affiliation lie?

There--that was easy, wasn't it? The answer probably just popped right into your head.

I'm a _______________. You didn't have to think about it, did you?

That party affiliation, for whichever side you choose, has been born from many influences, and like many other aspects of your beliefs you probably didn't actively make a choice for yourself or based upon your own thoughts of how a government should be run. Your decision most likely came from the people of influence in your life--the people who's opinions have shaped many of your current beliefs--even your personality.

You did not make this choice for yourself--not in most cases.

If you have, great--you took the responsibility of exercising your free-will to form your own opinion. You are on the right path.

Now--for question number two.


Why are you a Republican or a Democrat?

Does the party of your choosing really follow the beliefs you hold about government, the Constitution, and The United States of America?? Does your party hold to the ethical and moral standards you would expect from those in leadership positions? Does your party continue to pursue an agenda of policies that enhance your life, enable your ability to pursue the things you deem worthy, or promote the environment you would like to pass on to the next generations?

Does your party make you proud to be an American?

How about this? Here is a question that not many people ask.

Why do you have to choose only between these two?

Is it written anywhere in the Constitution that a person must either choose to be a Republican or a Democrat?

It's not. In fact, neither the Republican or Democratic party are mentioned anywhere in the Constitution---not once.

So, why is it that you are expected to choose between the two--to take sides? Why are you forced to adopt the belief systems and party lines of one of these parties---and are they really even different parties any longer?

To me, it seems that there is no discernible difference between the two--only syntax and perspective.

Do either the Republicans or Democrats have your best interests at heart?

This is our country---is it not? So why is there such a feeling of entitlement emanating from these two separate but co joined parties?

Do you have the strength within yourself to examine your own beliefs and values, and decide that you no longer wish to push forth political agendas you don't believe in? Are you going to continue to vote into power the very people who are so bent on eliminating your personal liberties and demanding more of your hard earned money?

Ask yourself all of these questions---then, ask yourself one more time;

Am I a Republican or a Democrat?

What popped into your head now??

More later on this . . .