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New Site Location

Posted by JAW

Come see us at www.onlibertyandfreedom.com

The new site is up and running, and we look forward to seeing you there!




We're up at www.onlibertyandfreedom.com

Posted by JAW

Good News!

We're back up and running at www.onlibertyandfreedom.com

I would like to apologize for the interruption--the site was hit by hackers, and it's taken this long to get everything back in order and running again.

I hope you will remain patient while we work out a few little bugs and get things where we want them to be over the next few weeks, and please know that your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



The New Site is Up!!

Posted by JAW

I come to you today with good news:

The new site is up and running!

While the site is still under construction, and I appreciate your patience as I fill in content and work out bugs, I'm exited by the ability to expand the site into something much larger then this forum can offer.

The new site is www.onlibertyandfreedom.com

There is a great deal of new content already posted, and many of the articles from this site have been transfered over to the new site as well.

Look forward to seeing you there soon!! JAW


Al Gore and Pesky Facts

Posted by JAW

Facts----they are so pesky. Here is a clip of Big Al from this past week, out pushing his green agenda and saving us from ourselves:

Wow . . . did you realize the core of the earth is actually hotter then the sun?!?

The true fact is that scientist have calculated the highest temperature within the earths core to be around 7000 degree Celsius---not "several million degrees", but who's counting?

Big Al has a new book his going to be pushing to go along with the upcoming Cap and Trade agenda--so get used to seeing him all over the television in the upcoming months.

Can't wait . . .


The New World Order

Posted by JAW

I need to ask you a favor--

Can you, for about 10 minutes, suspend any negative beliefs, thoughts, and ideas about Glenn Beck, and watch the video below with an open mind?

It's is very, very important that you watch. Our nation, our Constitution, and the way of life we've known in America is in serious jeopardy--and it's important that you understand the danger that threatens our freedom, our future, and the future we leave behind for our children and grandchildren.

So please, with an open mind, watch this video---that's all I ask.

The main stream media has labeled Beck as a danger, a fear-monger, and an Obama-hater--yet they have failed to mention the fact he has been correct on issues such as Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Andy Stern, ACORN, the National Endowment of the Arts . . . and the list goes on and on. The media attacks have all been against Glenn Beck the person, not on the ideas and problems he has exposed; the radical agenda, the corruption, and the transformation of America into a nation that resembles something closer to socialist France then the America in which we were born.

They can't attack him on those issues--because he's been right. So all the liberals have left is personal attacks on his character, and even those have been ridiculous and ineffective.

We are facing a crossroads in our nation--and the danger to liberty, freedom, and the entire premise upon which this nation was created--and has thrived--is a very real an palpable threat.

The New World Order---one global government, one global currency, and the realignment and redistribution of wealth--are being pushed by many within the Obama inner-circle, and if we the people don't want to give up our sovereignty or become a member of a single world government we need to understand the danger, and raise our voices in opposition.

I hope you watched the video---it's both eye-opening and frightening. For those who will choose to see the facts, to understand the greater meaning of events, and those who will not stand for allowing this president to destroy America, here is the rest of the program.

Do you want America to disappear? Do you want the U.N., and dictators from third-world nations, to have any say in the way you live your life, or the amount of money the government is allowed to take from you? Do you want the government to be able to tell you what you can or can't do to your body; what treatments you're allowed to pursue in case of sickness, what vaccinations you put into your own blood-stream, what operations you are allowed to have or not?

We are teetering on the edge of a large abyss; and if we fall then freedom falls as well--and the only thing waiting at the bottom of that dark abyss is death.


Couldn't Help It . . . .

Posted by JAW

I tried to not say anything . . . and I just can't do it!

All I want to know is why is our president trying to go down on the Emperor of Japan?!?

It's bad enough he apologizes for America everywhere he goes. It's bad enough he's going to Asia to beg for more money to put our nation, and our children, further in debt. It's bad enough this man has traveled more, played more golf, taken more vacation time, and spent more money then any other president in history.

And now it's come to this . . . I knew he was a far-left liberal, but jeez . . .


Religion of Hate

Posted by JAW

The Fort Hood shooter, Nadil Hasan, was an extremist Muslim Terrorist---he even said so on his own business cards. It's important that you see this and understand what it means.

If you look closely at his name, in the top right hand corner, the letters SoA(SWT)appear just below. It stands for Soldier of Allah. The SWT is a related Muslim acronym which basically has the same meaning.

Nadin, a self-proclaimed Soldier of Allah, was in the process of contacting Al-Qaeda recruiters--having sent nearly forty emails to the terror group--planned and implemented the attack on Fort Hood after giving away his few possessions and saying goodbye to friends and family.

He was not some nut job that just snapped. No, he was indeed a Muslim Terrorist in the same vein as those responsible for the attacks of September 11th, and he should be treated as an enemy of America. In fact, he should not only be treated as an enemy of America, he should be treated as a man who committed Treason against this country---and he should pay the harshest penalty for his crime.

Setting aside the circumstances within the Army and the fact this man was allowed to continue in his job, I think the most alarming aspect is that once again we find a religious fanatic--a Islamic Muslim extremist--is responsible for the death of Americans.

No matter what is said in the media, no matter what you here come from the mouths of the Obama administration, it's important that we begin to recognize Islam and Muslim ideology as a eminent danger to America.

We've been feed the lie that Islam is a religion of peace and love, and that only a small fraction of Muslims worship in the extreme ways that promote violence--yet, all the evidence points to the contrary.

Islam is not a religion of peace--it's a religion of hatred, violence, and cowardice. We have witnessed it time and time again. Any religion that teaches it's followers to wage war for the purpose of imposing Islamic law on non-Muslim states cannot by nature be considered a religion of peace.

Muhammad did not teach his followers "peace and tolerance" at all--he led armies of conquest and ordered the savage and brutal assassination of his enemies.

In fact, Muslims are given three ways to deal with non-Islamic believers:
1. Make the non-believer accept Islam.
2. Demand from them the Jizya---it's a tax based in humiliation and inferior status.
And, if they don't do either of those.
3. War with the Muslims.

Those are the choices--and there is nothing about peaceful co-existence in a pluralistic society. A non-believer either accepts and converts, pays them money to be humiliated, or Muslims declare a holy war on them.

Sound like a religion of peace to you??

How about the moderate Muslims? We hear so much about them, and how they renounce the actions and violence of extremists--so shouldn't we believe that these are good Muslims who want only to worship and live in peace?

No--not so much.

Can you name one influential Muslim leader who has loudly and unequivocally renounced the violent actions of other Muslims? Has there been any outrage from the Muslim community--or like in Germany, have they decided to riot in the streets, burn down buildings, and also engage in acts of violence when a derogatory depiction of Islam is published. Remember the cartoon published in the editorial section of a German paper a couple of years ago?

Remember this: Islam is not a race, it's a religion. It's a religion with laws that mandate second-class status for Jews, Christians, and all other non-Muslims. Islam is a religion that oppresses women through the laws of the Qur'an--treating them as nothing more then possessions of men. The Qur'an also sanctions wife-beating, and allows men to marry up to four wives.

The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences has determined that over 90% of Pakistani wives have been beaten, struck, or sexually abused for offenses such as cooking an unsatisfactory meal or failing to give birth to a male offspring.

Islamic schools teach moral principal, but the overriding principal instilled in young minds is that "if it's good for Islam, it's right". This means in addition to warfare against non-believers and subjugation under Islamic rule; lying, stealing, and killing for the purpose of Islamic advancement is acceptable and just.

We need to fully understand what we are dealing with in this enemy. The media is quick to forgive, make excuses, and victimize those committing such horrible acts in the name of Islamic law. Our current culture of Political Correctness has hampered and hamstrung our efforts to protect ourselves terrorist threats.

Hasan was a terrorist--plain and simple--and anybody who denies the atrocities he committed were in the name of his religious beliefs is lying to you, and to themselves. For many of other religions, it's difficult to comprehend committing murder in the name of god, so we struggle with the concept of violence and domination for the purpose of advancing our religion and destroying those who are of different faith.

We need to wake up--this battle is not going away anytime soon, and unless we can fully admit to ourselves that many in this world view us as infidels, the blood enemy, of their religious doctrine, we will continue to experience tragedies like 9/11 and Fort Hood.

Now, knowing what you now know, do you really think Barack Hussein Obama--the man who only addressed the tragedy of Fort Hood after giving "shout outs" to people in the audience--is intent on defending America from the threat of Islam?

Just look at his name . . .


A Word of Welcome

Posted by JAW

Welcome to the new site--dedicated entirely to the world of politics and how current events in Washington are affecting your liberty and freedom.

I'm still working out some kinks in the site; some features are not yet available, but I hope to have these things worked out in the near future--so I appreciate your patience while I continue to update and improve the site.

Come on in, enjoy, and help spread the word!


Lord Monckton Would Be Proud

Posted by JAW

As the Democrats begin to push the Cap and Trade legislation further along, and as the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change rapidly approaches, I want to show you a real life look at the human contribution of CO2--y'know, the greenhouse gas Al Gore claims is going to destroy our planet--shown in a way that even my 6 year old son can understand.

And while my 6 year old son can understand this, can Al Gore and the leftist eco-fanatics comprehend the ramifications presented here?

I think you will find this very interesting--whether you believe in Global Warming or not.

The public is being feed lie after lie by those fighting for Climate Justice--and this fight could end up costing each American family over $3000 per year in extra taxes, spent for no good or scientifically sound reason, if the Democrats are permitted to pass this legislation.

More to come . . .


President Hypocracy

Posted by JAW

The past few days have been a full out assault on freedom, and freedom has taken a major blow to the head with the Congressional passage of the monstrosity of a health care bill. It's nice to know that our government, in all of its wisdom and splendor, now have the ability to fine and arrest citizens of this nation if they choose not to participate. This bill is a direct frontal attack on freedom, and is being celebrated only by those who wish to take away freedom and replace it with government oversight and regulation of your life.

I've been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for more information to make its way into the public before commenting on the massacre at Fort Hood last week--and now it's time to say a few things about the startling revelations that are beginning to emerge.

If you could, I would like you to watch this clip and think back to the controversy early this summer involving Henry Gates, a prominent black professor, and his arrest for disorderly conduct. Notice the Obama reaction made without any knowledge of the event as he rushed to defend his friend and demonize the police force.

The same evening of the Fort Hood tragedy, Obama gave a speech in which he started by giving "shout outs" to friends and donors before bothering to address the unfolding situation in Texas. Shortsighted, and not the actions of a leader.

Then, the next day, Obama said we should not "rush to judgement" about Major Nidal Malik; the Muslim who committed this despicable act.

Wait---don't rush to judgement on Major Malik?


Isn't this the man who screamed "alla akbar" as he started shooting into the crowd of unarmed solders?

Isn't this the same man who attended the same radical mosque as the 9/11 attackers?

Isn't' this the same man who condemned the war as an attack on Muslims, and who used his position as a staff psychiatrist to argue with solders return from war about the morality of fighting against Muslims?

Isn't this the same man who hired an attorney in an attempt to shirk his duty, after the military had paid nearly a million dollars for his education, by suing the Army in an attempt to avoid overseas deployment?


ABC News is now reporting the FBI was aware that Hasan had been attempting to contact Al-Qaeda for the past 5 months . . .

Are you kidding me?!??

And Barrack Obama wants us, the American people, to wait before rushing to judgement about this man and his motives?!?

Barrack Obama is not fit to lead this nation. He has proven this fact time and time again with his utter lack of good judgement and his favoritism towards many anti-American actions and institutions. He has proven it through the legislation he supports, and the agendas of his administration.

But it's perfectly okay for Obama to use reverse racism, slander a local police force, and do that without any relevant facts to the case--but Americans are too irresponsible, and shouldn't rush to judgement on a man responsible for the calculated, planned murder of 14 of our service members?

Not rushing to judgement, I would conclude that Barack Obama is lacking in the foundations of judgement. This man, our elected president, is so off base on so many issues it's very concerning--he is so wrapped up in the idea of social justice and fighting for those he believes are oppressed.

The truth of the matter is Henry Gates should have been arrested for his actions, and that the police officer--after giving Gates several warnings--did the only reasonable thing a well trained officer of the law could do in that circumstance--and Obama, jumping to ill-informed conclusions, was flat out wrong in his basic assumptions.

The truth is that Hadin acted as a terrorist, tried to contact Al-Qaeda, and was known for his radical beliefs and for voicing those beliefs to several in the Army. This was not just the actions of a man who was disgruntled and crazy--no, this was the planned attack of a terrorist who hated America based on his fundamental religious views.

And, yet again, Barack "Barry" Husein Obama is wrong.

Have we seen enough from this man yet?