On Liberty and Freedom

Liberty and Freedom in America are under attack by the very people designated with safeguarding our country, and our Constitution. It's time for America to awaken, and take back our nation.

Hey All---

Today I'm mad.

Not just mad, I'm outraged.

Not just outraged, I am furious.

What the hell is our president (cough, cough) doing in the middle east, and with leaders of Islamic countries during his trip overseas?

Is he, Obama--the anointed one, actually apologizing for the United States of America???

Did he actually say--and yes, he did--that Islamic beliefs helped shape this country??

Where did he get that one?? Can any of you name one single Islamic contribution to the founding or shaping of the United States of America?? Did I miss all the people of middle eastern descent who were there at Plymouth Rock, and shared the first Thanksgiving with the Indians--Native Americans, not Islamics??

When the Declaration of Independence was penned and ratified, just how many Islamics raised a hand in acceptance of that sacred document? How many of the Islamic faithful helped draft the Constitution, or contributed a single word to it's crafting?

Did I miss something--were the history books lying to me? Was Philadelphia really the western version of New Delhi? Maybe I'm just confused--or maybe the president doesn't know what he is speaking of--what do you think?

Who does this guy think he is?? Where does he think he gets the right to go overseas and apologize to anybody for anything?

Instead--here's an idea, sir, why don't you spend your time in a more useful pursuit of writing letters to our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, explaining to them how you have just mortgaged their future and sold them into a slavery from which they will never see the light of day.

Why don't you apologize to them?

Why don't you apologize to the American public you lied to, and have been lying to since the moment you took office?

Why don't you apologize to the AIG executives, and their wives and children, for hanging them out to dry, sacrificing them in the media, and allowing Acorn to run bus tours of their homes while those people were being bombarded by death threats---all because of your lies.

Why don't you apologize to all the people you led to believe were going to be receiving some big check as a result of the stimulus package--y'know, all those people who voted for you?? Instead, why don't you now apologize to them for the crushing, debilitating taxes you are about to drop on their heads?

Obama--you actually have the nerve to apologize to the world for this country.

Well, I would like to offer an apology to the rest of the world myself:

I'm sorry, world, that we have elected a complete, incompetent, moron for our president. I'm sorry, world, that our general public believed the lies of one candidate--and that our media has failed the general public on every front, especially truth. I'm sorry, world, that the problems we are facing now are only going to get worse because our leader, and his posse of radicals, believe that common sense, decency, morality, ethics, and facts are merely potholes--a nuisance to be casually brushed aside.

And, I would like to apologize to my children and my grandchildren. I'm sorry that my generation was so short-sighted and stupid, and that our mistakes are going to affect you so deeply for the duration of your life.

How dare you, mr. president, apologize to anybody for this country and it's citizens.

How dare you.

Obama . . . how about apologizing to the people you are really hurting??

And the ones, not even born yet, that you are going to harm??