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Liberty and Freedom in America are under attack by the very people designated with safeguarding our country, and our Constitution. It's time for America to awaken, and take back our nation.


The Perfect Storm

Posted by JAW

Hello Everybody--

This blog, and all the contents, are under development and will be updated regularly as we move forward into the future. I would have liked to be all set to go, to have everything up and running the way I would like, but current events in our country have dictated that I should begin to move forward even though everything is not completed.

To use an old saying, "ready, fire, aim".

I have begun this blog out of my complete frustration with the current politics, and the maddening antics, we are seeing everyday coming from Washington. The current administration is a total train wreck, and the direction they are moving this country--without regard for the laws or the tenants set forth in our Constitution--should be a cause of concern for every American who values the pillars upon which this country was founded and has flourished.

Your current party affiliation doesn't matter--both the Democrats and Republicans are guilty of the same crimes against the citizens of this country--so wherever your allegiance has been in the past, it's now time to open your eyes and see the corruption emanating from them both.

The Mission:


Everyday, I'm consistently amazed our leaders in Washington continue to govern with a blatant disregard for the laws, and more importantly for the wishes of the citizens of our nation. A government by the people, for the people, and of the people--this is our country, not the Obama administrations, and it's time to let them know who is really in charge.

Our President, who seems unable to think clearly for himself without a teleprompter to spoon-feed him words, has pulled the wool over our eyes with his slick tongue and commanding speeches. I will give him credit, he is a talented public orator. As he stands upon the dais, expounding defiance and deflecting blame, it's almost possible not to see him speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

The problem is, while speeches are great and inspiring, when the words are hollow or plain lies, eventually the public will catch on to the game.

And for Obama, it's all a game.

It's a game of power and ego. The media has raised him up to such a lofty status it would be hard for any person not to feel some god-like status. Obama has relished this role, and he has taken advantage of every opportunity to make sure you, the public, knows that he is chosen, he can do no wrong, and he knows better then you exactly what you need in your life.

Change, Change, and more Change.

That was the promise, and he is delivering in spades. Little did we know on that dreadful day in November, that those changes were about to catapult our financial systems and way of life into oblivion. Little did we know, or was it that we choose not to believe, that Obama was true to his past history of radical, far left-wing ideas and policies. Little did we understand that there was no moderation, or compassion, in his aims and goals for shaping the future of our nation. And little did we know that within his first 100 days he would send our children and grandchildren into bankruptcy before they were even born.

I'm not saying John McCain was a golden alternative--not by any means.

The point is that we were really given only two choices, and those choices were both completely unacceptable. Have we sunk politically to a point where these two men have become the most viable options to direct and command the greatest nation this world has ever known? Has our system collapsed to the point where we no longer will have the chance to raise up a great leader of vision, morals, and integrity? Are we stuck with a vipers den of such dense corruption that it's no longer possible to shine the light of truth into the vast darkness our current capital?

And where the hell is the media?

The media will be the subject of a future post--and it will be good.

We are currently stuck with this two party system--and neither party seems to understand common sense, it's citizen's wishes, or the decency to stand up for what is right over what will get them reelected. When lawyers represent the largest portion of Congressional populace, there are bound to be serious problems and deficiencies when it comes to legislating any sort of tangible, well-intentioned law.

Ross Perot tried, until he was drummed out and decided to pack his bags, abandon the party he created, and head off into the sunset. Who could blame him--after all, when you have both major parties bent on your destruction the personal ramifications can be more then one person can handle.

We need another party--this two party system has bred corruption and ineffective leadership on all fronts--and the inability of our current elected leaders to produce results is leading to the destruction of all the things upon which this country was founded.