On Liberty and Freedom

Liberty and Freedom in America are under attack by the very people designated with safeguarding our country, and our Constitution. It's time for America to awaken, and take back our nation.

Not surprisingly here comes another far left wing, radical, Obama nomination set to go through the Senate confirmation process in this next week.

Let me introduce you to one Mr. Craig Becker--nominated to the National Labor Relations Board. You are just going to love this guy, and his views on our system of government as defined by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Mr. Becker believes secret ballot "elections are profoundly undemocratic." He also believes that every American worker should not have the option of whether or not they join a Union--the only choice he believes workers should have is which union they join.

Mr. Becker is also a former lawyer for AFL-CIO and , one of my personal most disliked organizations and ACORN offshoot, SEIU. That alone should provide pretty good insight as to where his political and social beliefs lie. Social justice and redistribution of wealth, anyone??

Here is a short clip about Mr. Becker, and after watching this I hope you will be encouraged, or outraged enough, to contact your Senator to ask for a resounding "NO" on this mans confirmation.

The beginning of this video has some great moments highlighting campaign promises made during Obama's lead up to the election--enjoy!

Seriously--again, is this the type of person we want representing the best interest of American citizens? Do you believe this man has the best interest of the free market system, the Constitution, or the economic future of our country in mind?

The answer, once again, is NO! This man should have no place in our government, and he should not be anywhere near those making the policies and laws that will determine the future of America.

Are you as tired of all this b.s. as I am? What is Obama trying to do--because whatever it is he is not looking out for our lives and our futures--I think the evidence, at this point, is more then overwhelming.


Can you believe this?!??

I, like most Americans, believed the funding for Acorn was finished--done, gone, finito.

Guess again . . .

It turns out the stripping of funds by Congress was only good for one month--from October 1st thru October 31. What that means is that unless Congress votes Thursday to reinstitute the restrictions on funding, ACORN will once again be receiving tax payer money. Don't forget, this diabolical, sickening organization is set to receive over 8 Billion Dollars in Federal Stimulus money.

Now here is where things get interesting. If the Congress does vote to continue the ban on funding ACORN, once again this ban will last for just over another month--this ban will end right around December 15th of this year. Then once again the ban will be lifted and ACORN will be eligible for Federal Funding.

The citizens of America, the people providing the tax payer funding, need to keep a close eye on this, and on the Congressmen who vote to enable ACORN to begin getting to again get tax payer funding.

For those Congressmen who do decide to allow funding for ACORN, they have just proven to the entire country that they are more concerned with their own political careers, there own agendas, and possibly the cover-up of their own ACORN related scandals instead of having the best interest of their base of constituents, and the the best interest of America and the Republic for which She stands.

These two coming votes; more then Health Care Reform and Cap and Trade, will separate those dangerous for the continuation of our country, and for the continued freedoms and prosperity we've enjoyed as a nation, from those dedicated to public service and defending the Constitution from enemies--both foreign and domestic.

Make no mistake, ACORN is a domestic enemy of this nation--and those who choose to back this organization should be found guilty of the theft, fraud, and misappropriation of American tax payer money by this nefarious organization.

If you want to make sure ACORN never gets another penny of tax payer money be sure to contact your Congressmen in the next 24 hours, and urge them to uphold the funding ban.


Lord Monckton Answers Some Questions

Posted by JAW

The video of Lord Monckton I have placed at the top of this page has created a huge stir in the past week since it's release. Last Friday, the B-Cast brought in Lord Monckton as a guest to ask him some questions about the video, his speech from Minnesota, and the coming Summit in Copenhagen this December.

This is a great interview where he really gets into the nuts and bolts behind the pending treaty, what this means to the United States, and how the actions of the European Union have worked in the past to ratify the treaties of this nature which have decimated the European economy.

Lord Monckton will be appearing on the Glenn Beck show this Friday, and I would recommend taking the time to watch this show. I'll be updating everything associated with the COP15 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen as information becomes available. Please pass this information along to anybody who values American sovereignty, and does not wish to see a global government come about in our lifetime.

As always, thanks again to Liz and Scott from Brietbarttv.com, and all the great work they are doing to expose these issues to the American people--keep up the great work!


While this may seem nonthreatening, there is still something very disturbing in the implications. Watch this video from the B-Side about On-Star, and some of the issues arising with privacy rights and the governments ability to track you, monitor your movements, and even listen to your conversations while you drive.

Now, On-Star is in all GM products. GM is now owned by the federal government. Do you think there could be some issues with this technology in the hands of people like the FBI, CIA, ATF, Department of Homeland Defense, and anybody else in the government who may want to intrude upon your right to privacy?

Watch this video, and during the second track test of the Cadillac notice how On-Star, without initiation from the driver, calls in to see if the car and passengers are okay.

This is scary stuff when you dig just a little below the surface. This technology, this ability, is now in the hands and under control of the government and the Obama administration . . .

Are you comfortable with this??

One of the most disturbing facts unearthed by this video is the ability of the On-Star system to be activated without your permission or knowledge. In fact, this has already happened with a study to determine the need for electric fueling stations to accommodate the Chevy Volt--the new car from GM that is scheduled for release in 2012I believe.

Basically, once you have a GM car you are now at the mercy of those who may wish to find out information about you without your knowledge. On-Star has it's purposes, and I believe the development of this product was done with the public's best interest in mind, but the fact this technology is very powerful--and now in the hands of our government--should scare you. In affect, this is technology that can be used to spy on you.

A case in point of the further loss of your personal rights. A big thanks goes out to Scott and Liz from the B-Cast for bringing this issue out into the light, and hopefully we will be hearing more about this in the future.


New World Order--Compare and Contrast

Posted by JAW

Do you really believe that the possiblity of a New World Order, a Global Government, and the loss of United States Sovernity is completely crazy and unbelievable?

Watch thes short clips below, and see if they connect in any way. I've included the video of Lord Monkton's recent lecture in Minnesota because I believe it' so powerful and frightning in it's implications. Here it is again, watch this first then watch the clips below in order and see how truly unbelievable the possiblity may be.

Now, here is Obama from his historic speech in Berlin.

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Now, here is Prime Minister Gordon Brown from this past week on the meetings in Copenhagen this December.

This is Dick Morris on the Hannity Show--this was on March 30, 2009, and everything this man talked about came to fruition at the G20.

Fundamental Transformation of America. This was a clip from five days before the election--if only Americans knew what this man really meant . . .

Here is Obama's thoughts on Cap and Trade--So, how is this good for Americans??

So, the 1000 plus page bill was rammed through--and during the evening before this crucial vote the Democratic leadership add an additional 300+ more pages of amendments to the legislation, then only provided the entire Congress and hour to review the bill before voting on this enormous tax. Here is how it was received by some Congressmen.

Michelle Bachmann from Minnesota--one of the few willing to fight for the rights of Americans, and a woman despised by the liberal left.

Republican from my state of Ohio, John Boehner, comments before reading the entire contents of the additional 300 pages added suspiciously right before the vote.

More for Boehner--

Finally, Republican Joe Barton of Texas closed the floor debate with this emotional plea for a no vote on Cap and Trade.

And with political maneuvering, promises of money for certain districts, and basic political corruption, the Cap and Trade bill was passed. Here is some reaction from the media.

First up, Bill O'Reilly takes a shot--

Obama's campaign supporter, and considered the greatest authority on economics in America, Warren Buffett.

Glenn Beck, on the eve of the vote--

Glenn Beck, 2 parts from show on Cap and Trade--

And finally, Dick Morris once again from the Hannity show the night Cap and Trade was passed.

What does this all mean to you?

It means less money in your pocket, less money to live your life, the further stripping away of your rights outlined by the Bill of Rights, and potentially the final nail in the coffin of economic recovery for the United States.

But more then all of that, it's part of the Obama agenda to create a World Government and surrender US sovereignty.

More on this to come soon--but for now, just allow these ideas to percolate in your mind---do you want a Global Government, where someone like the United Nations is creating the laws you will have to live under? Do you believe in social and economic justice to tax western countries, mostly the United States, to transfer money to third world countries for the sin of burning fossil fuels? Do you believe the United States, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence are moot--no longer applicable to the citizenry of this nation in the new global economy?

And last, are you willing to give up the rights and liberties endowed by our creator--the Natural Laws--that have allowed this nation to flourish and be the shining light in the world for the past two hundred years? Are you willing to let your personal rights to be taken?

This entire movement; the ideas of social justice, economic justice, and a new Global Government, are all being driven through the Climate Change movement. You need to educate yourself on the facts, and be aware of how this movement is aiming to destroy America. Our way of life; freedom, liberty, personal choice, and freedom from a tyrannical government--these virtues are all in eminent danger. Once they are gone, they will be gone for good.

I have placed a countdown clock in the top left portion of the home page, and it's counting down the days and minutes until the summit in Copenhagen--maybe counting down the end of freedom as we know it.


Climate Chains---Watch this Movie

Posted by JAW

This movie delves into Cap and Trade, and the affects it will have upon this nation, the world, and your bank account.

The video runs 22 minutes, and it's well worth your time to become educated about the Cap and Trade legislature being pushed through by President Obama. It's wrong, it based in scientific myth and mirrors, and it's going to keep this country from recovering from the ecomomic problems we are currently experiencing.

Climate Chains from Climate Chains on Vimeo.

Pass this along, or talk to at least one person about this scam. It's time to spread the word so this doesn't happen in America.


Trans-nationalism--The New World Order

Posted by JAW

One of my greatest fears, and a fear I believe would be shared by nearly every American, is the thought or chance that the United States of America could give up her sovereignty and become part of a World Government.

In the past week, with the revelations of Lord Monkton and the environmental meetings and treaty signing coming this December, we are suddenly discovering there are several people high up in the Obama administration who believe in a World Government--and they are going to try and use Global Warming as the vehicle to bring this about.

Along with everything else going on, I'm going to be concentration on this issue--Trans-nationalism and a World Government--over the next few weeks, and really dig into the issue to separate fact from fiction. I will say today that I do believe that President Obama is a proponent of having global governance, and that as we dig further into this issue we will all be shocked by the number of people working behind the scenes to bring this type of system to fruition.

Can you imagine the day Obama signs away America and renders the Constitution null and void?

Below is the trailer for a new film released yesterday that deals with this issue among others. While I've not had a chance yet to view it, I'm looking forward to seeing what this movie is all about soon.

Be prepared to see and hear things in the coming months that will seems like they are straight out of a fiction novel; nightmarish things, horrible revelations, and the exposure of those working from within the government to destroy the institutions of freedom and liberty.

Stay with me on this one--if even part of all of this is true, this will be the biggest issue in the past 200 years.


A Lesson to Learn--Breaking Down Alinsky

Posted by JAW

The administration is using a playbook for it's political strategy--and it was written by a man named Sal Alinsky wrote in 1971 titled "Rules for Radicals".

This book, this manual, was written as a collection of rules to guide the process of confrontational tactics to help poor people fight against power and privilage. Many on the right, Republicans in general, have pointed toward the Democrates--and the White House--as staunch followers of the Alinsky tactics.

After learning more about this man and his beliefs, I agree with the accusations whole heartedly. As you learn more about this man, and his rules to sabotage those in power or those oppossed to a certain veiwpoint, you will be shocked when you watch the news and see these tactics employeed by nearly everyone within the administration. Obama, Axelrod, Emmanuel, Dunn, Michelle Obama, Jarrett---they all follow the script to the letter. And, as David Alinsky, son of Sal, recently wrote,

"Obama learned his lesson well. I am proud to see that my father's model for organizing is being applied successfully beyond local community organizing to affect the Democratic campaign in 2008. It is a fine tribute to Saul Alinsky as we approach his 100th birthday."

This administration, and Barack Obama in particular, have demonstrated their willingness, and eagerness, to destroy the basic structures, beliefs, and foundations upon which this country was founded and built--and it's getting worse with each passing day.

Now more then ever it's crucial that you begin to understand the enemies of freedom, and it's crucial that you recognize the tactics they use to bring about such horrendous change to the American Way of Life. My advice to you is to learn these rules and tactics, and be able to recognize how they are being used to manipulate nearly every political argument.

Here is a brief video introduction into the Alinsky rules and history.

Interesting stuff.

This is just a quick introduction to the man who we hear about in the media so often, but yet most people don't really understand the Alinsky Rules, and how they are being applied today.

Know thy Enemy.

In my next post I'm going to list the rules one by one, but for today I want to leave you with another video to watch. It's actually an audio from Mike Waller on Secure Freedom Radio, and the topic is political warfare, and fighting with the Alinsky Rules. It's a long audio, but if you've got time it's a facinating look into the modern application of these rules in todays politics.

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"The Revolutionary force today has two targets, moral as well as material. Its young protagonists are one moment reminiscent of the idealistic early Christians, yet they also urge violence and cry, 'Burn the system down!' They have no illusions about the system, but plenty of illusions about the way to change our world. It is to this point that I have written this book."

That quote from Alinsky is chilling--and to think the President of the United States turns to this man and his teachings on a consistent basis for the methods of governing though disruption, chaos, and division.

More Tomorrow . . .


Your Government Run Internet----Obamanet

Posted by JAW

The federal government wants your internet--and, by his own admission, Obama is the biggest supporter of Internet Neutrality.

What does this mean to you?

Well, it means that everybody will have access to broadband internet provided by the federal government. That doesnt' sound so bad until you really stop and think about it for a moment; the government controlling content, and your ability to free speech?

Maybe that's not such a great idea.

Not many people are aware, but the vote on this issue will take place tomorrow--and at that point the rights garenteed under the 1st Amendment, in relation to the internet, will disappear.

So, why would the government, and Obama, want to do this?

To control content and eliminate, or contain, opposing voices. This president is very fragile when it comes to critism and hard questions about his policies and inablitity to govern effectively, and this is just another vehicle to limit those who would voice opposition to his grand plans.

Think of it as a Fairness Doctrine, only less visible, that the administration is pushing to rid the airways of talk radio.

This is social and economic justice, and it is sickening!

I want to stronly encourage everybody to write, call, and bother your elected representavies, today, about standing up against this monstrosity and upholding the right to freedom and liberty.

Don't wait on this one--there isn't time left!


Breitbart.tv » Study: H1N1 Vaccine Too Late, Won’t Help Most

Amazing---and scary.

This administration had one job to do in health care this fall: to provide this vaccine to the general public in a timely manner, and within a time frame that would best serve the public by allowing them to immunize before the virus became widespread.


And---these are the people who want to bring the entire populace under the umbrella of National Health Care in a government run system??

How could anybody possibly consider this as a good idea, and an idea that is in the best interest of themselves and their families?

They couldn't get this done--so now lets put the entire population under the governments direct control to provide health care . . . brilliant.

The fact that the Obama administration has failed to provide this crucial vaccine to the American people in time to insure it's safety against this virus is simply criminal neglect.

Great Job, White House! With this type of health care, I'm really hoping to enjoy all 53 years of my life!


A Time to "Serve"

Posted by JAW

A document came to light in the past few day that outlines contact between President Obama’s administration, the big three news networks, and various other cable news outlets—and I’m sure you can figure out which stations those may be. The document shows that the administration would like these networks to concentrate on promoting the idea of “service” through commercials; public service ads, new stories, and the general promotion of the presidents various agenda’s that are struggling to gain favorability with the general public.

Does this sound right to you? The White House is calling for the Media to promote its agendas and policies, and to be the mouthpiece for expanding the federal government influence over our lives. Does this idea; the idea that the media should be controlled by the state, to do the states bidding, and to promote only issues that reflect well upon a countries leader, seem like something in the best interest of America?

Cough . . . Hugo Chaves . . . Cough

Now, let’s take a moment to define what the idea of “Service” means to this administration, and President Obama, and try to project how these policies might affect your life on a personal level.

By service, here is what the President would like you to provide as a citizen, to promote the roll of government in our country.

First, the President would like you to “serve” this country by keeping your mouth closed if you have any questions, or, god-forbid, objections, to the direction of the current agenda and the long term ramifications of those actions on the future of the United States as a sovereign country.

Basically, you can “serve” the President by keeping your mouth closed and blindly placing all of your trust and faith in his administration---after all, they know what is best for you, and they know better then you know yourself. So the best way you can “serve” is to keep quiet, tell others to keep quiet, and toss all of your hopes and dreams on the shoulders of this great, demigod of a man.

Next, you can “serve” President Obama by realizing that any money or wealth you do have is not really yours at all. It’s the governments, and they are the ones who allow you to have money, make money, and it’s only by Obama’s good will and blessing that the government grants you the right to earn. So, to “serve”, it’s up to you to allow the President to greatly increase your taxes—for the greater good. And, if you know anybody who believes that money is good, and that striving for wealth or bettering their own life, is a good lens through which to view the world—you need to belittle them, embarrass them, and make them understand that money is evil, capitalism is evil, and that every person is entitled to have just as much as anybody else—and, it doesn’t matter if they have worked or done anything at all. You see, we are all here to provide for each other—nobody is better then anybody else, nobody should have more then anybody else, and the federal government should be the sole arbiter through which money is gifted and granted.

To “Serve”, the President would like you to ignore common logic and proven science, and go along with all the nut jobs who claim that Global Warming has humanity poised upon the brink of destruction. “Service” means you are being asked to ignore facts, and to shout down any dissenters who would dare to claim any thing other then the fact that mankind, and mostly those in the Western world, are fully responsible for destroying our planet—and for that, we should make amends to the rest of the world through a policy of Eco-Justice; paying penalties and fines to other countries and governing bodies for our sins against Mother Earth.

Facts don’t matter in this—not when morality and fear are fully engaged and on their side. After all, who would dare level such a claim as to say that Polar Bears aren’t an endangered species?

Oh, and just this little thing---to “Serve” means that you really don’t need such things such as your rights guaranteed under the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Freedom of Speech—blah, that’s nothing but a nuisance and it’s really not a right at all. How could anybody dare to speak out against “The One”? And, because you aren’t smart enough to handle something so dangerous, this administration would like to relieve you of the burden of having firearms in your home. Guns are just dangerous, nasty, and they are empowering in ways that could cause people within the government to actually think twice as they skulk through the shadows and rob you or your freedom and liberty.

And you can “Serve” by allowing the government to take the responsibility for your life off your weary shoulders. “The One” knows best, and he would like to assure you that by placing your very life in his hands in the form of Nationalized Health Care, you can be guaranteed the same great service provided by the Post Office, Amtrak, the IRS, the DMV, and all those other fabulous and efficient government agencies, will be right there to run a Cost/Benefit Analysis should you ever face a life threatening illness—and , if you have enough productive years left as a taxpayer, you will only have to wait twice as long as you currently do to receive worse medical treatment then you receive now. If you don’t have enough years left to pay taxes, to be a productive member of “Service”, well, we’ll just not speak of those matters just yet.

Best of all---the cost of having Obama grant you Health Care is only going to raise your out-of-pocket expenses anywhere from $2700-$4000 per year.

Now that, my friends . . . that is “Service”. Service Mao Tse Tung would be proud of—oh . . . I meant to say Barrack Hussein Obama.

Please “Serve” by ignoring any references to Communist Dictators responsible for murdering 65 million people or more.

Yes, you are being asked to serve---for yourself, for your family, for your community, and for Barrack Obama and his leftist, Marxist ideology. He wants you to “Serve” till it hurts—then narc on anybody you know who isn’t “Serving” just as hard as they should. So as you browse the channels this next week, make a mental note of all the references you see to “Service”, and ask yourself why you are being asked to serve. Ask yourself why you are being asked to give more of your money in taxes for the right to have government take more of your freedom. Ask what the end result, the ultimate goal, of all these programs and policies means for your life.

And ask yourself if “Service” can be compared to “Freedom” as defined by this President.

More taxes, less freedom, fewer choices, economic justice, environmental justice, Communist ideology, Marxist ideology, Socialistic agenda, the end of the Dollar, a debt America can no longer repay, and the chance that our county will lose it’s sovereignty and be swallowed by a New World Government---now that is “Service”.

And I will take this opportunity to thank you on the President’s behalf—this type of “Service” is not only greatly appreciated by himself, George Soros, and Communist the world over---but your “Service” is demanded, and the choice will not be yours anyway, we just wanted to wrap it up in a nice marketable, fuzzy, little feel-good package that will cast aside any doubts or reservations you might experience. So, don’t ask, don’t question, and don’t worry---just “Serve”.


Podcast---Coming Soon

Posted by JAW


I'm currently working on a podcast, and I hope to have it up in the next couple of days. This will be the first podcast I've done, and hopefully it will be the first in many to come.

For those who aren't aware--when this post is sent to you through email, just click on the link and it will bring you out to the site--so come check it out. I'm going to be making a few changes over the next weeks, and I hope this will be postitive steps for the future.

Check out the podcast--it will be up soon.