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Budget Cuts and World Tours

Posted by JAW


Okay, it was announced that the Obama administration would cut 100 million dollars from the proposed budget.

Sounds like a lot of money, doesn't it?

In normal times, with sane people running the budget and White House, that would actually be a great deal of money. It is a lot of money, but not when you put it up next to the actual budget. Most people will fail to see the transparency of this move by Obama--and the fact that this cut is really just a chance to look like he is doing the people's bidding to the media.

Well, it comes out today that not only is the 100 million dollar budget cut not really a cut at all, in truth this money has been designated for re appropriation to other programs. They aren't cutting anything at all--they are just moving it to other things and hoping you, the public, will not notice. It's the perfect scenario for Obama; you get to keep the money and you get a photo op that shows you in favorable light.

Don't be fooled by this cut--and even if they decided to actually apply these cuts to the budget, it is such a minuscule amount compared to the entire budget that it's actually inconsequential. It would be like cutting your grocery budget by putting back a single grape, buying the things you normally buy, and being proud of your thriftiness.

It's ridiculous, and it's treasonous.

Here is my idea---

How about you fire the full-time make up technician that Michelle Obama has added to the White House staff. And by the way, she is the first First Lady to retain somebody for doing her makeup on a full time basis.

Between that salary, cutting down on the face putty and benzyl peroxide, and forcing her to buy her beauty products at the drug store like all other women in the country, you may just pocket a little bit more then your targeted cuts would provide.

Oh---you could also stop importing $100 a pound, boutique beef to serve at every White House function. Does being the president allow you to simply throw away money needlessly while chastising the rest of the population for spending??

You need to get your head out of the sand, and start walking your talk. Your words are even beginning to ring hollow to many of the very media responsible for getting you elected. Cracks in the facade are widening, and as with everything else, the true self shines through.

With you, Mr. President, the true self is a radical, spineless, crybaby who is incapable of leading this country.

The true self shines through--ugly or not.

Ask Christopher Dodd how that's working out for him right about now.

Your time is coming, Obama, and the curtain is starting to fall.

More later of the World Apology Tour---wait until you see this!