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A Threat and a Subversive

Posted by JAW

This is a great day---a banner day in fact.

Today, I have been labeled a threat to national security by a newly released document from our own Department of Homeland Security.

I'm a threat, and chances are so are you.

If you are a veteran, you are a threat.
If you have religious beliefs, you are a threat.
If you are pro-life, you are a threat.
If you attended or supported the recent Tea Parties, you are a threat.
If you are against illegal immigration, you are now a threat.

Do you believe any of those things? If you do, our new president and his department deem you to be a potential security risk, and a source of uprising and violence.

So, I've worked nearly my entire life, paid my taxes, purchased homes, raised children, and participated in the democratic process, and now I'm considered a threat to this country?? It's not the terrorist from foreign countries Homeland Security is worried about--not the Muslim radicals that would just as soon murder your children as look at them--those are not the threats our current administration is worried about--it me, and it's probably you.

It couldn't be the Muslim extremists--they were so nice and cuddly that Obama felt compelled to close down the prison holding them. You know, the ones who have actively planned and participated in terrorist activities against this country?? You are a greater threat then those guys.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, and president Obama, even your police force--which is made up mostly of veterans---is now a security risk according to the left wing.


The fact is that we are now experiencing the truth that president Obama is the most racial and bigoted president to ever hold office. Not only is he profiling and targeting citizens based on race, he has decided to take this one step further and now debase citizens on their beliefs and former services to this country.

They are watching you even though you haven't committed a crime---they are looking for trouble, trying to find it while ignoring the fact our president has associated frequently with known terrorists throughout his life and political career.

But it's you and me--we are the threat.

It's not Obama---even though he has now added over a trillion dollars in national debt in less then 100 days. It's not Obama, even though he has released the people responsible for acts such as the attacks on 9/11. It's not Obama, who went to the middle east and made a great showing of apologizing to radical leaders for past actions of the United States.

He's not the threat---he couldn't be.

Obama, a terrorist?? Bit your tongue.

No, it's you and it's me. We are the problem with this country. We are the treat to the constitution, and to the memory of every person who made the greatest sacrifice to ensure that document was protected and lived on . . .

We are the treat.

Obama, you are the terrorist--and everyday, as your true thoughts are revealed through incompetent and immoral policies, it is becoming crystal clear that you are actually a racist, governing this country from a position of hatred, and that you are creating the divisions you railed against so passionately during your campaign. You are the liar, the thief, and the danger to everything great about this country and it's position in the world heading toward the future.

Look again, Obama. It's not us--not me---it's the face looking back at you in the mirror.

I'm the threat??

Go to hell.



Anonymous said...

You speak the truth sir