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Tea Party and 9/12

Posted by JAW

Great ideas come along.

This country was built upon the freedom to have a great idea, pursue it, and transform that idea into a tangible reality. Everything that has been developed, invented, created, and adopted has sprung from one thing---an idea.

Glenn Beck introduced the 9/12 Project, and has been the promoter of Tea Party's for the intention of bringing like-minded people together. His website pertaining to this project promotes his ideas, beliefs, and values--the same ones the Founding Fathers used when they fought for independence against Mother England, and the values are true and sound. He has built this ideas around the concept of truth in government, and belief in community, and his beliefs are true and sound.

He has lit a match.

Maybe not the match--but a match none the less. And that flame burns both sound and true.

I admire the man. He has maintained a non-partisan stance, and stood by these values against members of both the Republican and Democrat parties, and he has been stout and firm in his position that neither party is doing right by the American public.

He is a creator, and I hope the 9/12 Project is successful and lasting. Lasting is the key word. While I believe in the message, and I hold the same values and beliefs as true and correct, I can't help but think that this project is doomed to failure in the future.

I don't want that--in fact, I wish the opposite. I would like to see it flourish, to grow, and to create a groundswell sweeping across our country to bring about the conditions of change--the right change--that so many of us have been looking for in our government.

Everything is there, the movement has begun and the ideas and values are sound and true--yet this feeling that this movement is doomed to fail weighs greatly upon me, and it can be traced to the one crucial element this movement truly lacks and cannot be successful and effective without.

A leader.

The most crucial element that a movement of this sort needs is a true leader of men. A person who can raise others up, who can influence others to take action, who can maintain the direction and focus over the long run.

Mr. Beck doesn't want to be a leader--and that is fine. He lit the match, he brought an idea into existance in the real world, and the idea is sound and true. Yet, Mr. Beck will not be leading this movement. He has done his part, and while others look to him to step up more, to become something more, the reality is he is an entertainer and his most affective platform for change is in the media. He is a watchdog, and he is a voice in the darkness, but he is not the man to carry this movement into the future with the hopes that it can create influence in our Capital.

There are so few voices of truth left, and people need to stop looking for Mr. Beck to lead them and let him do what he is best at--voicing the peoples concerns, searching for truth in our elected officials, questioning the policies and issues facing this country from a place of non-partisanship. Do not look to him for more, he has done his part and will continue to fill his role.

So who will lead?

Is there a person, man or woman, out there with the strength to pull all of this together and point it in the right direction? Is there a person out there willing to face the unrelenting scrutiny, and it would be more ugly then you can imagine, sure to come from the general media. Is there a person out there strong enough to face the ridicule, and the anger, and the slander, and the peril to family and friends, and lean into the driving rain of opposition which will surly blow as hard as any hurrican on record?

Is that person, that leader of truth and light, out there somewhere?

I hope so, because unless that person steps up then I fear the movement is doomed to fizzle out over time. It's human nature. Anger, angst, and discontent can only burn brightly and motivate for so long before the fuel is depleted. I fear that as the movement flounders while our current leaders continue to push us down a path of destruction and socialism, that the feelings of helplessness will settle over people tied and true to the values and beliefs set forth by Mr. Beck. When you voice isn't heard, even though you are screaming from the rooftops, how long will you continue to bellow before your voice gives way? How long can you continue on?

Without that leader, it will not be for long.

The values and ideas are true and sound, and the only thing that can save them from the tentacles of complacency and lack of focus is a leader--a true leader.

More to come . . . .