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Ever Seen $540 Sneakers?

Posted by JAW

That's them---a genuine pair of $540 tennis shoes.
If you are like me, you may be able to picture Napoleon Dynamite going out to feed the llama in shoes like these.
Guess who is in these shoes, and try to guess where this person wore them.
Give up?
That is none other then the feet of your first lady, Michelle Obama---in $540 sneakers.
Now, did you figure out just where a first lady might wear a pair of shoes like this to?
How about an event for the poor---a recent Feed America event.
Are you as shocked by this as I am?
The moment I heard about this two questions immediately popped into my mind.
First---Is the first lady really this classless, tasteless, selfish, and insensitive to the plight of the poor in our country?
Nobody with any sense or decency would ever consider wearing something so showy and expensive to an event given to aid those less fortunate in our country--period. The fact that she is standing there on the podium, wearing such a wasteful extravagance, is beyond reproach--and brings to mind, once again, the questions about the true nature of our first lady. She should be ashamed of herself---yet I seriously doubt the thought that this may be a classless smack in the face to poor people has ever once crossed her mind.

The second question that popped into my head--following right on the heels of the first question--is a bit more disturbing if that's possible.
Was this actually a criminal act on top of being tasteless, classless, and selfish?
Were these shoes purchased with taxpayer dollars?
Did you work hard at your job and pay your taxes so that this lady could go out and spend hundreds of dollars on ugly tennis shoes? Does she have the right to be so wasteful and lavish at taxpayer expense--that's you and me?
We know that she is the first First Lady to hire and keep a full-time makeup artist as part of her staff--at taxpayer expense, so would you also be shocked to know she is going on extravagant shopping sprees with an open checkbook of our tax money?
Could it be true?
And why has none of the mainstream media questioned any of this? Can you imagine the coverage had Barbara Bush done the same thing? The Democrats would still be using it as a ploy today. Do you remember all the slanderous coverage when the Republicans purchased a wardrobe for Sarah Palin for the presidential campaign? The fact that it wasn't mentioned that the GOP used it's own money to purchase those clothes made no difference--those type of truthful headlines are too dangerous.
The only place you will find any mention of these shoes, and they are just a small glimpse into this presidency and the mindset with which they operate-- a sense of entitlement with our tax dollars--is in the fashion magazines and blogs telling us how much they love her.
Why isn't the Ethics Committee looking into this?
If she purchase these with her own money--fine--she's allowed. But that still doesn't absolve her for being classless and tasteless. Ahh, but if she did purchase these with taxpayer money then she is a flat out criminal, and should be subject to the same type of prosecution that any of us would be in our justice system.
So which is it, Michelle?
Are you just a tasteless, classless, selfish pig? Or have you betrayed the public trust by using our money for your own wanton needs and wishes?
What do you think?