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AIG, Dodd and Barney, and King Obama

Posted by JAW


Today, I want to explore the whole AIG disaster--and the attempt by the president and his administration to cover their own ass in the affair.

Really, the whole issue here really turns my stomach, and it's the picture perfect example of why our government is completely ineffective and run by self-serving hypocrites.

Outrage swept over the country a few weeks ago. It started when the media began reporting of large bonus checks paid to AIG executives even while the company had just received it's third stimulus check from the government.
People were beside themselves, and our trusty politicians were quick to react in their normal fashion by feigning outrage, making promises of redemption, and threatening to enact more worthless laws bent on appeasing the disgruntled constituents, and making sure they weren't damaged from any future elections.

What the mainstream media failed to report--and it's just one on a growing list of convenient omissions to cast Obama in as favorable light as possible--was that not only had Congress been responsible for putting the language in the stimulus agreement with AIG to assure these bonuses were paid out according to their contractual obligation, but that congress had voted to pass the stimulus with the buy outs full known---and the president had signed the bill while fully aware of the bonuses.

My television was filled with the bravado of Congressmen and Senators denouncing the bonus payouts. The president claimed he had no knowledge of the buyouts, and the secretary of the treasury--who, by the way, cheated on his taxes and couldn't work TurboTax--claimed he was not aware of the bonuses either until March 10th.

We've got Senators and Congressmen lying to us. We've got the Secretary of the Treasury lying to us--and not for the first time. I'm not sure that Timothy Guetner would know the truth if it bite him on the nose.

And worse yet---President Obama flat out lied to the everyone on national television.

Let's look at the contract between AIG and Obama's administration.

The contract was written by Christopher Dodd, a democrat who is currently being called The Lying Weasel Chris Dodd by a large newspaper in his home state of Connecticut. Mr. Dodd--the lying weasel, was the person who directly wrote the bonuses into the AIG contract.

Check this out--

When questioned about the bonuses and the contract after this whole thing blew up, Chris Dodd said he had no knowledge of the bonuses or how they got into the contract.

He wrote it!

Two days after those comments, to little media scrutiny, Mr. Dodd finally came clean and confessed he did indeed write the bonuses in. Think it was covered by NBC, CBS, or CNN?

Here are some interesting facts about the connection between Mr. Dodd and AIG:

--AIG was the largest contributor to Mr. Dodd's campaign for reelection.

--Mr. Dodd's wife is on the AIG payroll---in the Bahama branch.
The Bahama branch?? Think about that one for a minute.

--AIG also contributed a large amount of money to Obama's campaign---go figure.

The truth is Chris Dodd should be drummed out of office and brought up on civil charges for his blatant lies to the public. And while he faces an uphill battle for reelection in Connecticut at this point, the fact that an elected official has lied so often, and taken money from AIG, only to turn around and throw them on the fire to save his own political career--he should be behind bars.

This is the first section---more on AIG, Chris "The lying weasel" Dodd, and our King Obama coming in the next few days.

Really look at this issue for a moment.

Put aside the amounts of the bonuses---those payouts are not really what the general public was led to believe, and we'll get into that more as well--and look at how all the elected officials of our government have acted during this crisis.

I hope you can see the problems here---morally, ethically, and compromising to public trust.

Stay Tuned---you're going to want to hear the rest of this one . . . .