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Lord Monckton Answers Some Questions

Posted by JAW

The video of Lord Monckton I have placed at the top of this page has created a huge stir in the past week since it's release. Last Friday, the B-Cast brought in Lord Monckton as a guest to ask him some questions about the video, his speech from Minnesota, and the coming Summit in Copenhagen this December.

This is a great interview where he really gets into the nuts and bolts behind the pending treaty, what this means to the United States, and how the actions of the European Union have worked in the past to ratify the treaties of this nature which have decimated the European economy.

Lord Monckton will be appearing on the Glenn Beck show this Friday, and I would recommend taking the time to watch this show. I'll be updating everything associated with the COP15 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen as information becomes available. Please pass this information along to anybody who values American sovereignty, and does not wish to see a global government come about in our lifetime.

As always, thanks again to Liz and Scott from Brietbarttv.com, and all the great work they are doing to expose these issues to the American people--keep up the great work!