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New World Order--Compare and Contrast

Posted by JAW

Do you really believe that the possiblity of a New World Order, a Global Government, and the loss of United States Sovernity is completely crazy and unbelievable?

Watch thes short clips below, and see if they connect in any way. I've included the video of Lord Monkton's recent lecture in Minnesota because I believe it' so powerful and frightning in it's implications. Here it is again, watch this first then watch the clips below in order and see how truly unbelievable the possiblity may be.

Now, here is Obama from his historic speech in Berlin.

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Now, here is Prime Minister Gordon Brown from this past week on the meetings in Copenhagen this December.

This is Dick Morris on the Hannity Show--this was on March 30, 2009, and everything this man talked about came to fruition at the G20.

Fundamental Transformation of America. This was a clip from five days before the election--if only Americans knew what this man really meant . . .

Here is Obama's thoughts on Cap and Trade--So, how is this good for Americans??

So, the 1000 plus page bill was rammed through--and during the evening before this crucial vote the Democratic leadership add an additional 300+ more pages of amendments to the legislation, then only provided the entire Congress and hour to review the bill before voting on this enormous tax. Here is how it was received by some Congressmen.

Michelle Bachmann from Minnesota--one of the few willing to fight for the rights of Americans, and a woman despised by the liberal left.

Republican from my state of Ohio, John Boehner, comments before reading the entire contents of the additional 300 pages added suspiciously right before the vote.

More for Boehner--

Finally, Republican Joe Barton of Texas closed the floor debate with this emotional plea for a no vote on Cap and Trade.

And with political maneuvering, promises of money for certain districts, and basic political corruption, the Cap and Trade bill was passed. Here is some reaction from the media.

First up, Bill O'Reilly takes a shot--

Obama's campaign supporter, and considered the greatest authority on economics in America, Warren Buffett.

Glenn Beck, on the eve of the vote--

Glenn Beck, 2 parts from show on Cap and Trade--

And finally, Dick Morris once again from the Hannity show the night Cap and Trade was passed.

What does this all mean to you?

It means less money in your pocket, less money to live your life, the further stripping away of your rights outlined by the Bill of Rights, and potentially the final nail in the coffin of economic recovery for the United States.

But more then all of that, it's part of the Obama agenda to create a World Government and surrender US sovereignty.

More on this to come soon--but for now, just allow these ideas to percolate in your mind---do you want a Global Government, where someone like the United Nations is creating the laws you will have to live under? Do you believe in social and economic justice to tax western countries, mostly the United States, to transfer money to third world countries for the sin of burning fossil fuels? Do you believe the United States, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence are moot--no longer applicable to the citizenry of this nation in the new global economy?

And last, are you willing to give up the rights and liberties endowed by our creator--the Natural Laws--that have allowed this nation to flourish and be the shining light in the world for the past two hundred years? Are you willing to let your personal rights to be taken?

This entire movement; the ideas of social justice, economic justice, and a new Global Government, are all being driven through the Climate Change movement. You need to educate yourself on the facts, and be aware of how this movement is aiming to destroy America. Our way of life; freedom, liberty, personal choice, and freedom from a tyrannical government--these virtues are all in eminent danger. Once they are gone, they will be gone for good.

I have placed a countdown clock in the top left portion of the home page, and it's counting down the days and minutes until the summit in Copenhagen--maybe counting down the end of freedom as we know it.