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Breitbart.tv » Study: H1N1 Vaccine Too Late, Won’t Help Most

Amazing---and scary.

This administration had one job to do in health care this fall: to provide this vaccine to the general public in a timely manner, and within a time frame that would best serve the public by allowing them to immunize before the virus became widespread.


And---these are the people who want to bring the entire populace under the umbrella of National Health Care in a government run system??

How could anybody possibly consider this as a good idea, and an idea that is in the best interest of themselves and their families?

They couldn't get this done--so now lets put the entire population under the governments direct control to provide health care . . . brilliant.

The fact that the Obama administration has failed to provide this crucial vaccine to the American people in time to insure it's safety against this virus is simply criminal neglect.

Great Job, White House! With this type of health care, I'm really hoping to enjoy all 53 years of my life!