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Your Government Run Internet----Obamanet

Posted by JAW

The federal government wants your internet--and, by his own admission, Obama is the biggest supporter of Internet Neutrality.

What does this mean to you?

Well, it means that everybody will have access to broadband internet provided by the federal government. That doesnt' sound so bad until you really stop and think about it for a moment; the government controlling content, and your ability to free speech?

Maybe that's not such a great idea.

Not many people are aware, but the vote on this issue will take place tomorrow--and at that point the rights garenteed under the 1st Amendment, in relation to the internet, will disappear.

So, why would the government, and Obama, want to do this?

To control content and eliminate, or contain, opposing voices. This president is very fragile when it comes to critism and hard questions about his policies and inablitity to govern effectively, and this is just another vehicle to limit those who would voice opposition to his grand plans.

Think of it as a Fairness Doctrine, only less visible, that the administration is pushing to rid the airways of talk radio.

This is social and economic justice, and it is sickening!

I want to stronly encourage everybody to write, call, and bother your elected representavies, today, about standing up against this monstrosity and upholding the right to freedom and liberty.

Don't wait on this one--there isn't time left!