On Liberty and Freedom

Liberty and Freedom in America are under attack by the very people designated with safeguarding our country, and our Constitution. It's time for America to awaken, and take back our nation.

Not surprisingly here comes another far left wing, radical, Obama nomination set to go through the Senate confirmation process in this next week.

Let me introduce you to one Mr. Craig Becker--nominated to the National Labor Relations Board. You are just going to love this guy, and his views on our system of government as defined by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Mr. Becker believes secret ballot "elections are profoundly undemocratic." He also believes that every American worker should not have the option of whether or not they join a Union--the only choice he believes workers should have is which union they join.

Mr. Becker is also a former lawyer for AFL-CIO and , one of my personal most disliked organizations and ACORN offshoot, SEIU. That alone should provide pretty good insight as to where his political and social beliefs lie. Social justice and redistribution of wealth, anyone??

Here is a short clip about Mr. Becker, and after watching this I hope you will be encouraged, or outraged enough, to contact your Senator to ask for a resounding "NO" on this mans confirmation.

The beginning of this video has some great moments highlighting campaign promises made during Obama's lead up to the election--enjoy!

Seriously--again, is this the type of person we want representing the best interest of American citizens? Do you believe this man has the best interest of the free market system, the Constitution, or the economic future of our country in mind?

The answer, once again, is NO! This man should have no place in our government, and he should not be anywhere near those making the policies and laws that will determine the future of America.

Are you as tired of all this b.s. as I am? What is Obama trying to do--because whatever it is he is not looking out for our lives and our futures--I think the evidence, at this point, is more then overwhelming.



Anonymous said...

I'm sick of the radical, Marxist Obama is putting into high positions. He should be tried for Treason--and don't be surprised if he is under sever fire during the next year for endangering freedom and our own Constitution.

Great site, please keep getting out the word about those who would steal our freedoms and sneak away into the night. Most of those people are now in the White House, and we need America to wake up!