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Trans-nationalism--The New World Order

Posted by JAW

One of my greatest fears, and a fear I believe would be shared by nearly every American, is the thought or chance that the United States of America could give up her sovereignty and become part of a World Government.

In the past week, with the revelations of Lord Monkton and the environmental meetings and treaty signing coming this December, we are suddenly discovering there are several people high up in the Obama administration who believe in a World Government--and they are going to try and use Global Warming as the vehicle to bring this about.

Along with everything else going on, I'm going to be concentration on this issue--Trans-nationalism and a World Government--over the next few weeks, and really dig into the issue to separate fact from fiction. I will say today that I do believe that President Obama is a proponent of having global governance, and that as we dig further into this issue we will all be shocked by the number of people working behind the scenes to bring this type of system to fruition.

Can you imagine the day Obama signs away America and renders the Constitution null and void?

Below is the trailer for a new film released yesterday that deals with this issue among others. While I've not had a chance yet to view it, I'm looking forward to seeing what this movie is all about soon.

Be prepared to see and hear things in the coming months that will seems like they are straight out of a fiction novel; nightmarish things, horrible revelations, and the exposure of those working from within the government to destroy the institutions of freedom and liberty.

Stay with me on this one--if even part of all of this is true, this will be the biggest issue in the past 200 years.