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President Hypocracy

Posted by JAW

The past few days have been a full out assault on freedom, and freedom has taken a major blow to the head with the Congressional passage of the monstrosity of a health care bill. It's nice to know that our government, in all of its wisdom and splendor, now have the ability to fine and arrest citizens of this nation if they choose not to participate. This bill is a direct frontal attack on freedom, and is being celebrated only by those who wish to take away freedom and replace it with government oversight and regulation of your life.

I've been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for more information to make its way into the public before commenting on the massacre at Fort Hood last week--and now it's time to say a few things about the startling revelations that are beginning to emerge.

If you could, I would like you to watch this clip and think back to the controversy early this summer involving Henry Gates, a prominent black professor, and his arrest for disorderly conduct. Notice the Obama reaction made without any knowledge of the event as he rushed to defend his friend and demonize the police force.

The same evening of the Fort Hood tragedy, Obama gave a speech in which he started by giving "shout outs" to friends and donors before bothering to address the unfolding situation in Texas. Shortsighted, and not the actions of a leader.

Then, the next day, Obama said we should not "rush to judgement" about Major Nidal Malik; the Muslim who committed this despicable act.

Wait---don't rush to judgement on Major Malik?


Isn't this the man who screamed "alla akbar" as he started shooting into the crowd of unarmed solders?

Isn't this the same man who attended the same radical mosque as the 9/11 attackers?

Isn't' this the same man who condemned the war as an attack on Muslims, and who used his position as a staff psychiatrist to argue with solders return from war about the morality of fighting against Muslims?

Isn't this the same man who hired an attorney in an attempt to shirk his duty, after the military had paid nearly a million dollars for his education, by suing the Army in an attempt to avoid overseas deployment?


ABC News is now reporting the FBI was aware that Hasan had been attempting to contact Al-Qaeda for the past 5 months . . .

Are you kidding me?!??

And Barrack Obama wants us, the American people, to wait before rushing to judgement about this man and his motives?!?

Barrack Obama is not fit to lead this nation. He has proven this fact time and time again with his utter lack of good judgement and his favoritism towards many anti-American actions and institutions. He has proven it through the legislation he supports, and the agendas of his administration.

But it's perfectly okay for Obama to use reverse racism, slander a local police force, and do that without any relevant facts to the case--but Americans are too irresponsible, and shouldn't rush to judgement on a man responsible for the calculated, planned murder of 14 of our service members?

Not rushing to judgement, I would conclude that Barack Obama is lacking in the foundations of judgement. This man, our elected president, is so off base on so many issues it's very concerning--he is so wrapped up in the idea of social justice and fighting for those he believes are oppressed.

The truth of the matter is Henry Gates should have been arrested for his actions, and that the police officer--after giving Gates several warnings--did the only reasonable thing a well trained officer of the law could do in that circumstance--and Obama, jumping to ill-informed conclusions, was flat out wrong in his basic assumptions.

The truth is that Hadin acted as a terrorist, tried to contact Al-Qaeda, and was known for his radical beliefs and for voicing those beliefs to several in the Army. This was not just the actions of a man who was disgruntled and crazy--no, this was the planned attack of a terrorist who hated America based on his fundamental religious views.

And, yet again, Barack "Barry" Husein Obama is wrong.

Have we seen enough from this man yet?