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Lord Monckton Would Be Proud

Posted by JAW

As the Democrats begin to push the Cap and Trade legislation further along, and as the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change rapidly approaches, I want to show you a real life look at the human contribution of CO2--y'know, the greenhouse gas Al Gore claims is going to destroy our planet--shown in a way that even my 6 year old son can understand.

And while my 6 year old son can understand this, can Al Gore and the leftist eco-fanatics comprehend the ramifications presented here?

I think you will find this very interesting--whether you believe in Global Warming or not.

The public is being feed lie after lie by those fighting for Climate Justice--and this fight could end up costing each American family over $3000 per year in extra taxes, spent for no good or scientifically sound reason, if the Democrats are permitted to pass this legislation.

More to come . . .