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The Real Danger To Our Constitution

Posted by JAW

Slowly but surely, as the carefully crafted public facades begin to crumble, the true faces of the enemies to our country are beginning to emerge and take shape.

Make no mistake--our country, our Constitution, our very way of life in America are all in perhaps the greatest peril they have ever faced. And, as those faces become clearer, the true nature of the threat to freedom and liberty is the very people we as a nation have placed in the positions of power reserved for those tasked with the purpose of defending our country, our Constitution.

The evidence is overwhelming, and anybody who chooses to ignore the past associations, the books, the academic papers, the speeches, and the actions with which these enemies of freedom have dedicated their entire lives--those people are opting for the path of ignorance, denial, or stubbornly refusing to admit they were too short-sighted to heed the warning signs. Admitting that ones own beliefs are wrong and misguided, and standing firm in those beliefs despite obvious and undeniable truths, is the flaw of ego in human nature.

History books are littered with those who were weak with pride and ego, and due to their inability to admit to being wrong they fell from the highest pinnacles of society and power, created havoc and chaos in unprecedented levels, and were responsible for the deaths of millions.

I fear we are at that point once again, and many pages of future history texts will be dedicated to the events of the past twelve months, and to the events we have yet to experience over the next year. How will those histories look back upon these events a hundred years from now--or will there even be the freedom to report the true nature of that which transpired during this very unique and dangerous moment in time? That will only be determined by "We the People", and how rapidly the forces of liberty and freedom are able to organize a defense, and come together for the salvation of the basic fundamentals upon which this great nation was founded and has relied upon to become the guiding light of freedom for the entire planet.

This will be a fight in which no man, woman, or child will be able to sit out. You will be forced to pick a side, and if you opt not to choose--or you waver in your commitment--you will find the choice has already been made for you.

I lay them out for you now--the enemies of freedom.

1. President Barack Obama - The single greatest danger to our Constitution since it's ratification.

2. Rahm Emanuel - The man behind Barack Obama, the engine running this administration.

3. David Axelrod - The "spin-doctor" responsible for propaganda.

4. Valarie Jarrett - Perhaps the presidents closest advisor, a criminal, and a dangerous member of the presidents inner circle.

5. Harry Reid - A one-man gang writing the Health Care Reform bill, and in control of nearly 20% of the economy, this man is going to do what he feels is right regardless of how the American public feel.

6. Nancy Pelosi - Not smart enough, and too worried about her own popularity, to realize she is in a key position of power and being used by those who would willfully harm this nation.

7. Cass Sunstein - The Regulator Czar is a nut job who thinks your pet should be able to sue you in a court of law, and has written the book "Nudge" which talks about the strategy for capitulation by slowly, gleefully, stealing away basic rights through manipulation of current laws and legislation.

8. John Holdren - The Science Czar is using Climate Change and Global Warming--completely disproven through science now--to further an agenda of wealth redistribution through the Green Movement. He's another nut job along the lines of Cass Sunstein.

9. Al Gore - Big Al continues to dodge critics of his controversial book and film because the content has been proven to be filled with inaccuracy and the blatant manipulation of fact. An advocate for Global Governance to further the cause of Wealth Distribution in the name of Global Warming.

10. Andy Stern - There is such an abundance of those who wish to steal our freedom stalking the halls of the White House right now that coming up with a Top 10 was difficult. Greg Lloyd, Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Robert McChesney, ACORN; there's just too many to choose from. Stern came in the tenth spot due to his affiliations with SEIU, union organizing, and his current positions within the Obama administration.

These are the people you need to know, understand, and that we as a nation need to protect ourselves from if we wish to continue to live in freedom.

Things are going to get interesting as this year closes out, and I will make a prediction to you now that by this time next year, at the latest, impeachment proceeding will be taking place to remove President Obama from office.

Pay very close attention to Copenhagen in December, the fight over Cap and Trade, the continued devaluation of the US Dollar, Internet Neutrality, and the outcome of the Health Care Reform Bill--these are the most key issues that will be in the news over the next few months, and these issues will be guideposts by which we'll be able to judge the future course of our nation.

The battle for freedom is under way, and it's about to explode on the national scene in a level never before witnessed in our nation--and at a level where mainstream media will no longer be able to ignore the corruption or the criminal acts of Obama and his administration.

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JAW said...

Good Job!

I didn't forget, it's just the fact there are so many threats right now; I left out the Fed, Timothy Guitner, Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, MSNBC, Jeffrey Immelt and GE, Iran, propoganda through the arts and NEA, propoganda taught to your children---I need a top ten that can fit 40 items, and each day something new is happening that futher puts our future as a free society in doubt.

Thanks for commenting, and keep up the good work!