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Religion of Hate

Posted by JAW

The Fort Hood shooter, Nadil Hasan, was an extremist Muslim Terrorist---he even said so on his own business cards. It's important that you see this and understand what it means.

If you look closely at his name, in the top right hand corner, the letters SoA(SWT)appear just below. It stands for Soldier of Allah. The SWT is a related Muslim acronym which basically has the same meaning.

Nadin, a self-proclaimed Soldier of Allah, was in the process of contacting Al-Qaeda recruiters--having sent nearly forty emails to the terror group--planned and implemented the attack on Fort Hood after giving away his few possessions and saying goodbye to friends and family.

He was not some nut job that just snapped. No, he was indeed a Muslim Terrorist in the same vein as those responsible for the attacks of September 11th, and he should be treated as an enemy of America. In fact, he should not only be treated as an enemy of America, he should be treated as a man who committed Treason against this country---and he should pay the harshest penalty for his crime.

Setting aside the circumstances within the Army and the fact this man was allowed to continue in his job, I think the most alarming aspect is that once again we find a religious fanatic--a Islamic Muslim extremist--is responsible for the death of Americans.

No matter what is said in the media, no matter what you here come from the mouths of the Obama administration, it's important that we begin to recognize Islam and Muslim ideology as a eminent danger to America.

We've been feed the lie that Islam is a religion of peace and love, and that only a small fraction of Muslims worship in the extreme ways that promote violence--yet, all the evidence points to the contrary.

Islam is not a religion of peace--it's a religion of hatred, violence, and cowardice. We have witnessed it time and time again. Any religion that teaches it's followers to wage war for the purpose of imposing Islamic law on non-Muslim states cannot by nature be considered a religion of peace.

Muhammad did not teach his followers "peace and tolerance" at all--he led armies of conquest and ordered the savage and brutal assassination of his enemies.

In fact, Muslims are given three ways to deal with non-Islamic believers:
1. Make the non-believer accept Islam.
2. Demand from them the Jizya---it's a tax based in humiliation and inferior status.
And, if they don't do either of those.
3. War with the Muslims.

Those are the choices--and there is nothing about peaceful co-existence in a pluralistic society. A non-believer either accepts and converts, pays them money to be humiliated, or Muslims declare a holy war on them.

Sound like a religion of peace to you??

How about the moderate Muslims? We hear so much about them, and how they renounce the actions and violence of extremists--so shouldn't we believe that these are good Muslims who want only to worship and live in peace?

No--not so much.

Can you name one influential Muslim leader who has loudly and unequivocally renounced the violent actions of other Muslims? Has there been any outrage from the Muslim community--or like in Germany, have they decided to riot in the streets, burn down buildings, and also engage in acts of violence when a derogatory depiction of Islam is published. Remember the cartoon published in the editorial section of a German paper a couple of years ago?

Remember this: Islam is not a race, it's a religion. It's a religion with laws that mandate second-class status for Jews, Christians, and all other non-Muslims. Islam is a religion that oppresses women through the laws of the Qur'an--treating them as nothing more then possessions of men. The Qur'an also sanctions wife-beating, and allows men to marry up to four wives.

The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences has determined that over 90% of Pakistani wives have been beaten, struck, or sexually abused for offenses such as cooking an unsatisfactory meal or failing to give birth to a male offspring.

Islamic schools teach moral principal, but the overriding principal instilled in young minds is that "if it's good for Islam, it's right". This means in addition to warfare against non-believers and subjugation under Islamic rule; lying, stealing, and killing for the purpose of Islamic advancement is acceptable and just.

We need to fully understand what we are dealing with in this enemy. The media is quick to forgive, make excuses, and victimize those committing such horrible acts in the name of Islamic law. Our current culture of Political Correctness has hampered and hamstrung our efforts to protect ourselves terrorist threats.

Hasan was a terrorist--plain and simple--and anybody who denies the atrocities he committed were in the name of his religious beliefs is lying to you, and to themselves. For many of other religions, it's difficult to comprehend committing murder in the name of god, so we struggle with the concept of violence and domination for the purpose of advancing our religion and destroying those who are of different faith.

We need to wake up--this battle is not going away anytime soon, and unless we can fully admit to ourselves that many in this world view us as infidels, the blood enemy, of their religious doctrine, we will continue to experience tragedies like 9/11 and Fort Hood.

Now, knowing what you now know, do you really think Barack Hussein Obama--the man who only addressed the tragedy of Fort Hood after giving "shout outs" to people in the audience--is intent on defending America from the threat of Islam?

Just look at his name . . .