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Liberty and Freedom in America are under attack by the very people designated with safeguarding our country, and our Constitution. It's time for America to awaken, and take back our nation.


Obama tramples on our Constitution

Posted by JAW

Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution has just been violated by our very president--the great and powerful Messiah, Obama.

Without any Congressional approval, our President--or self-appointed King--has signed a treaty with Russia that effectively eliminates one-third of our countries nuclear arsenal, and severely limits our strategic military advantage.

Frickin' amazing--the sheer audacity of this man.

If you check any of the news networks, with Fox News being the only exception, you will most likely find lead stories about Michael Jackson's death while this story, a direct assault on the very foundation of our country, and a serious problem in our own self-protection, is taking place without any hoopla or mention.

The only good news out of the political world right now is that fellow Democrats are beginning to see the problems with this president and his administration. They are starting to fret and wring hands a little over the radical policies and direction this president is leading our country. They are starting to wake up, and see that the things they are doing are severely jeopardizing the future of America as a souvenir nation--and more then that, they are starting to feel the public pressure that threatens their own political careers.

A group of 52 Democratic congressmen have stood up and raised serious questions about the proposed Health Care Reform bill. Those Democrats, the Bluedogs, are a fiscally conservative group within the Democratic Party, and they are starting to understand that the numbers, the figures, the projections, and the crap they are being feed is just that---crap.

Hooray for them---if they follow through and do the right thing. There will be pressure against those congressmen from the president, and there is a good chance many will cave--but cracks in the facade are starting to spiderweb across the illusion of Obama's public face.

How long can this man, this subversive radical, be allowed to place our country in direct fire? How long will it be before the sleeping majority finally awakes . . .

Tora, Tora, Tora---

The Japanese awakened the true America in World War II, and that awakening and the subsequent results which reverberated around the world were this countries finest moments. Let's hope we are about to see the second awakening.

Before it's too late.

This man cannot be allowed to continue.

He is pure evil. He is the Antichrist to all this country stands for and has been built upon. He must be stopped now.

Time is ticking, and time is drawing painfully tight. We must act now.