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Lightbulbs and Cap n' Tax

Posted by JAW

Let's talk about Freedom . . .

Do you think Freedom, your basic rights as a human and a citizen of a "free" country, enables you to choose the type of light bulbs you use in your own home or apartment?

It doesn't.

In a couple of years you are going to be forced, by legislature already passed, to use the new GFL light bulbs to save this planet. It's been deemed, by the people in Washington who know such much about what is better for you then you do, that these high-efficiency bulbs will reduce energy usage and reduce our impact on the enviorment---yet there are things about this that the politicians are not telling you.

Imagine that. Those in Washington are not telling you, the public, the entire truth on this matter.

First, and probably most importantly, these great new bulbs contain enough Mercury in them that breaking one could result in HazMat Units coming to your home. Ever broke a light bulb? Well, now if you do not only are your endangering your family by exp0sing them to one of the most deadly elements to humans, but you may also need men in spacesuits to come to your home to clean them up.

They haven't told you that nearly 90% of the workers who make these light bulbs in China have been hospitalized due to exposure to Mercury.

But it's okay because G.E. stands to make a huge windfall of profits due to the new law, and it allows the Federal Government to establish further control over your basic freedoms.

They aren't telling you that the total amount of harmful emissions we will be saving the earth from is less then .0017%.

I don't know about you, but I will never put these light bulbs in my home. Never--I will go to jail first. I plan on stocking up on incandescent bulbs, and I'm guessing there will be some sort of black-market for them as well in the future. I don't like the light from florescent bulbs anyway, and I'm not going to allow anybody, anybody, to tell me what I can do in my own home.

Cap and Trade (Tax) is another issue we need to explore. It's bigtime, and it alone has the ability to ruin this country.

Currently, this bill has passed in Congress, and is only needs a few morons in the Senate to raise their hands before it gives the government the ability by law to tell you what you can set your thermostat in your own home.

Not only will they be able to regulate how warm or cold you keep your home, but they are going to place upon you the largest tax increase in history to do it. They are going to cause the prices of energy to nearly double, and then tax you on top of it.


You should be.


Call your Senator, call your Congressman, inform your neighbors and family---do whatever you have to do to make sure this bill dies a violent death.

More on this later--but I wanted to catch your attention on a couple of issues our media has chosen to ignore.

Let Freedom Ring!